View Full Version : NY Film Critics Circle: ROTK best film 2003

Dr Mordrid
16th December 2003, 00:10
Sounds like a must see;


This year, the New York critics chose "Lord of the Rings" because it's "a masterful piece of filmmaking," chairman Andrew Johnston said.

"It's just beautifully made, it's pure cinema, it does everything," said Johnston, a critic for Radar magazine. "It's got amazing, epic scope to the drama, to the battle scenes, a lot of strong emotional stuff, really complex, well-rendered characters and effective comic relief where it needs it."Dr. Mordrid

16th December 2003, 06:33
And it hits theaters soon (tm)!!!!

16th December 2003, 06:36
Tomorrow it fact. the 17th. There is actually a local theater here that is having a special midnight showing.