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25th September 2003, 15:25
It has arrived and runs great on my P4-2.4 and Parhelia. I was concerned it wouldn't be a DX8.1 game but the demo said otherwise. It runs @10x7 with low to mid level detail settings just fine.

It only supports the Parhelia in the Matrox line according to the box and insert, but the printing may have taken place before the P650/750 were available.

Only disadvantage I can see with this installment is that it has less detail adjustability so it may be hard to make run on slower systems.

10th October 2003, 14:55
After 3 weeks of gameplay I can say that this is a big improvement over 2002. The AI is better and it needed to be! Also, I was wrong, the image adjustability is almost identical to 2002 so if you are hesitant to try it with a Parhelia I believe you will be satisfied.

I had a couple emails asking about how I thought it would run on a P750 and I have no idea. I'd expect it to be a tough job for it though and EA doesn't even mention the P750 on the box. Haven't checked the website though...

10th October 2003, 17:25
Well, P-series are not very "famous" cards if compared to offers from nVIDIA and ATI.

I think that's why they left it out. P7/650 are based on Parhelia-512. Sort of like the different models in the GeForce FX / ATI R9x00 (except for 9200 and down)

Its either they forgot to print the the new cards from Matrox, or they jsut implies the Parhelia as the entire Parhelia line.

10th October 2003, 17:54
Let's hope there is DX9+ support for the Matrox line before NHL 2005 comes out and requires it...

6th November 2003, 10:26
new patch today

15th November 2003, 13:58
If you want a hockey game save the money and buy NHL 2003 for $10...