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21st September 2003, 12:32
been having gremlins with the race car this year - almost to the point that I lost interest.
short chronology:
engine not quite producing the power it should. topping out at about 5500 rpm, unstable idle.
fuel prob? - install higher volume fuel pump, larger fuel line.
problem worse:confused:
recurve fuel and timing
no diff
pull a few sparkplugs - all look ok
readjust valvetrain
same problem - airflow readings topping out at about 325 hp :mad:
vacuum leak found at valve covers
replace valve covers.
arrrrg- no diff
pull ALL the plugs - all ok except #3 - damp. Eurethra! - a bad sparkplug
replace all plugs - fire it up - idles smooth
take it for a run
1st - no traction, 2nd -no traction, 3rd gear traction till I hit 6000 rpm - where tires break loose again - yeeeeha
data log shows airflow at 3000lb/s hour at 7200 rpm-about 430 hp.

a whole season almost wasted because I was too lazy to pull ALL the spark plugs.

21st September 2003, 12:44
Well, shit happens.

I had a slightly cracked rig on my sail boat. The crack was in the top, so whenever i checked the mast, I didnt get to see the crack. If I had taken the mast of, and inspected it from top to bottom, I would have found it.

As was, I couldnt keep the altitude in mid to high weather, no matter what. I too have wasted an entire season. :(


21st September 2003, 13:55
D'oh! :o

21st September 2003, 14:39
i get similar problems with my PC.. or any one elses for that matter... my first assesment of the problem is always right.. but i always ignor it and try to find the problem in other places... eg.. i built a pc for a freind... did not buy a new modem as she had one already... all is fine and great accept that on sending emails from any email clint with an atachment over 100kb fereezes the system.... no way of that being a software problwm becuse the eror reporting wizard would kick in at that point or atleast wed get a BSOD... just a freez.... has to be the modem... i go about cheking everything else except for the modem... one week later i decied to replace the modem... end of problem.... why dont i ever listen to my self..... :D

21st September 2003, 15:14
I have my own Golden Rule for making repairs of ANY kind:

Fix The Cheapest Thing First!

This rule has NEVER failed me!


21st September 2003, 16:12
to every complex problem there is a simple solution.

21st September 2003, 16:47
Good st GT

I just spent the weekend manually freeing up the engine on my Truimph 2000 (straight 6, 2 Litre) - it had siezed after 5 years in the garage (ok the body work is taking a little longer than anticipated :D)

Manually oiled each the distributer, each piston (the slieves looked clean - from what I could see of them..) the camshaft everything I could think of...finally got it turning (pulling the fan with no plugs or ignition coil) - decided to connect up an old battery to give it a few more turns.... (you now I wanted that oil to coat the slieve) - BANG! connected the bloody poles the wrong way round.

SO F*CKING STUPID! - a 1967 fusebox burnt out - the dynamo (yes, dynamo!) control box burnt - should be replaceable even now - but costly...

21st September 2003, 16:53
That sucks ! What car is it, the 'stang in your sig?

21st September 2003, 17:05
Originally posted by Kooldino
That sucks ! What car is it, the 'stang in your sig?

Nah, thats just a pic I found on the web,my car looks fairly stock.
Come to think of it I'm not worthy of that av :(

21st September 2003, 17:05
For a year I was wondering why my car was getting such poor mileage. I've done everything to it, replaced egr valve, replaced spark plugs and ignition wires, checked ignition coil, did coolant flush, tranny flush, fuel injector flush and put synthetic oil, a new air filter, checked compression an timing but i was still getting 30mpg until I put a few bottles of oil-detergent and after 3000km I'm finally seeing the results. Now I'm getting 40mpg!! The engine is running real smooth too. I didn't even bother to check if the engine was all gummed up, d'oh!

Originally posted by gt40
Nah, thats just a pic I found on the web,my car looks fairly stock.
Come to think of it I'm not worthy of that av :( Do you think I'm worthy of mine? (actually I don't know)

21st September 2003, 21:17
Originally posted by ZokesPro
Do you think I'm worthy of mine? (actually I don't know)

You mean your boobs aren't that big or bouncy? Our illusions are dashed! :o