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15th September 2003, 17:07
Run the new version just for fun, you know you want to.

33076 on the below rig, (no not the G200)

15th September 2003, 17:24

edit: benchmark forum?

15th September 2003, 17:56
44k or so

16th September 2003, 01:08

16th September 2003, 01:11
PIV 1.8@2.1 Radeon 9500 @297/297.


16th September 2003, 02:46


16th September 2003, 04:21
Not a very consitant benchmark, although are any.

Shutdown, Norton and Sygate to see what impact they had if any on overall performance and my machine scored about 3% less. :)

16th September 2003, 05:24

16th September 2003, 07:28
Not a very consitant benchmark...
Got 44743 at first run and 44043 at second, but between the benches I installed some leaked P4 HT XP hotfix drivers.
3DM2003 scores about the same, have yet to test X2. Now I can't really tell if Aquamark3 is not consistant or I blew it with the HT hotfix.

16th September 2003, 18:08
I'm the first person with a Parhelia to submit my results to AquaMark! I feel special. :D

19,866 AquaMarks (P4 2.4B, 512 Megs RAMBUS 1066, Win XP Pro).

About the same as a Geforce 4 Ti 4600, or a Geforce FX 5600 (non-ultra) on a P4 with similiar processor speed. Between a Radeon 8500/9000 and a 9500/9600.

Much better than 3Dmark2001SE330, where I only got 8200 or so (about the same as a GeForce 3).

Why the hell wasn't this benchmark out when they first sold the card? :p

18th September 2003, 06:04
I set the mark to run on my Marvel G400-TV and went to sleep :D Result is 1430, mostly due to my CPU...

19th September 2003, 04:13
Woohoo!!! I appear to have the best performance with a Parhelia at present: 20850.

19th September 2003, 05:20
19,700 (Radeon 9600)

22nd September 2003, 17:27
Damn you K6III. Your fast processor is keeping you ahead of me. Kicked yo' azz in minimum frame rate and GFX score though :D
Doubt whether my P can run at 236/308 though. Will try but I'm sure it will crash

22nd September 2003, 17:28
Originally posted by thop
19,700 (Radeon 9600)
What's in the rest of your rig? :)

22nd September 2003, 17:39
Originally posted by DentyCracker
Damn you K6III. Your fast processor is keeping you ahead of me. Kicked yo' azz in minimum frame rate and GFX score though :D
Doubt whether my P can run at 236/308 though. Will try but I'm sure it will crash

My processor would be even faster if I was still running my old Epox 8K3A+ with all its friendly voltages instead of my new Abit NF7 rev1.0 that I got for $30.

I should go even higher with a nice voltmod...as this chip tops out closer to 2.5ghz...

Anyway, best of luck in passing me up...

23rd September 2003, 09:32
14k (+small change)

win2k sp4
Athlon xp @ 1600Mhz
Geforce 4800 (128MB, no overclock)
1GB ddr 333
asus a7v333

Che Guevara
2nd October 2003, 11:40
about 16000 points, not bad for a P3 I think...

...and, just like in codecreatures, again faster than my brothers p4 2,4 Ghz + Ti 4200 :D woooohooo!!!
Praise the Parhelia :)

2nd October 2003, 14:51
Just been running it to measure my system before pushing the clocks a little above stock.

Athlon XP 2000+ (at 1666MHz i.e. stock), 512Mb DDR @133FSB and a Parhelia Retail at stock.

Around about 18k points.

Funny thing about it though for benchmarking your system against itself - the main point of any benchmark IMHO - I am getting some "funny" results. Like someone mentioned above, it's not great for repeatability.

My scores are EITHER 18000ish (+/- 30pts), OR 17500ish (+/- 30pts). Using about 15 runs with the EXACTLY the same machine settings, it randomly gives me either the lower range or the upper range, with about a 60% chance of it being in the lower range. There doesn't seem to be any other influencing factor at work here - not temp driven; not dependent on reboot - it can even do 2 of each range within 1 program session running the benchmarks back-to-back, in no particalar order....

And as those of you who've used it know, the score at the end is split GFX/CPU. It's the GFX part of the score that is driving the high/low score. The CPU part is pretty consistent (to within <0.5%). If I get a chance I will investigate the (rather large) log files to see if I can pinpoint the underlying place(s) where this swing is happening.


Anyway - highest so far is 18,059. We'll see how much it rises when I play around with my CPU/mem clocks.


3rd October 2003, 03:14
I always thought it was Willesden Green :D

3rd October 2003, 03:17
I've more or less given up on beating K6-III. Can't seem to manage more than 20,600 with my P on the edge of stability.

26th October 2003, 02:39
Only 19438 (http://arc.aquamark3.com/arc/arc_view.php?runID=1414051238) with my Radeon 8500@9100

Best regards,
Swen :D

26th October 2003, 12:48
10k - Wonder if I can get it to go faster?

AMD 2800+ (2.14 ghz)
1gb DDR 400 CL3
GeForce 4 440 MX (64 mb)

Che Guevara
29th October 2003, 08:22

New graphic card needed :)

29th October 2003, 09:01
Originally posted by Che Guevara

New graphic card needed :)


10k does seem really low for your rig, is the card really that bad.

29th October 2003, 10:07

Although it wasn't the G200. It just wouldn't run whatever I did. So for several benches, pulled the fastest card in the house. A Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro.

Stock speeds. Sorry, I just can not overclock anything on this new system, not because I won't do it, it's because I don't wanna fry anything! :p :)


23rd November 2003, 19:44

25th November 2003, 08:25
33900, as i already posted in my other thread ;) dbdg, i think your score's a bit low.

30th November 2003, 07:46

Athlon XP 1621Mhz (1800+ oc to 141Mhz FSB)
1GB 333Mhz
BFGTech Asylum Gffx 5600 ultra (128MB)

edit: 22,047 to be precise

30th November 2003, 07:53
I'll try again in a moment, slightly updated rig now.

30th November 2003, 09:20
38000 at the moment, I am on win2k mind you.

Jon P. Inghram
30th November 2003, 15:13
A whole whopping 14468 points on my system:

Radeon 8500 64 MB (stock 275/275 MHz)
Celeron Tualatin 1.2 o/c'ed to 1.44 GHz
512 MB SDRAM running at 124 MHz, CAS2
Asus TUSL2-C (i815EP chipset)
WinXP, Catalyst 3.10 (beta/CoD hotfix)

1st December 2003, 02:01
I got around 26000 with my Radeon 9700(non-pro) though I think it is my lowly 1600XP that is holding it back :p