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9th September 2003, 06:42
lo guys .. :)
I have been a little in-active lately ..hehe or very in-active and the main reason for this was I had a very busy summer break :D I was travelling a lot, 3 weeks in SPAIN ! I flew to reus with some friends and and gradually made my way down to malaga. The best part was I met a girl while I was their, my now girlfriend ANNA :p she is 20, older than me (17), a law student and also speaks fluent english(extremely attractive)

Then I was in the Czech-republic for a week with my neighbours son :p who is a photographer, and that basically consisted of lots of women. So while he took the pics, I watched :cool:

To finally arrive home to start my computing course at uni. So for the moment everything seems to be going well :) and I'm glad to be back on the murc :p

9th September 2003, 07:01
well congratulations with the girlfriend :) :up:

9th September 2003, 07:14
Welcome back :)

9th September 2003, 09:45
Wow, Congrats. :up:

Oh, and welcome back too. ;)

9th September 2003, 09:46
Thanks guys :)

Great to be back :cool:

9th September 2003, 10:24
Did you leave ????

Congrats on your Girlfriend.

9th September 2003, 10:31
congrats about ur new GF!

and yea... welcome back to MURC. Seems like you didn't miss to much fun. :)