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8th September 2003, 07:08

8th September 2003, 07:15
Lemme guess...
Something was burned this time?

8th September 2003, 08:09
Been exposed to anti-protons?

8th September 2003, 08:32
Two words: Stupid Customers :mad: :mad:

Dr Mordrid
8th September 2003, 08:37
That'll do it every time :)

Dr. Mordrid

Brian Ellis
8th September 2003, 08:46

I'd have thought you would have known better, the correct spelling is

:D :D

8th September 2003, 13:15
There are no stupid customers, only stupid tech support.

8th September 2003, 13:19
Originally posted by thop
There are no stupid customers, only stupid tech support.

Sounds like you never worked tech support...

8th September 2003, 14:14
Originally posted by tjalfe
Sounds like you never worked tech support...

Or worked with the public at all. :rolleyes:

9th September 2003, 01:15
I did work tech support, and also called them often enough to know that most of the time tech support is the problem, not the user.

Fat Tone
9th September 2003, 02:31

However, it is the dumb user that keeps many of us in a job! ;)

9th September 2003, 05:26
Since 90% of users can't read whats on the screen I would say they're stupid.

Also typical conversations.

me: Right click please.
me: No I said right click.
me: Right click please you're left clicking.
me: Thank gawd they hung.
me: No I'm afraid theres no such thing as Windows 97.
user: I've got sobig on my mac.
user: Which ones the right mouse button?
user: Sorry I didn't write the error message down.

etc etc

9th September 2003, 05:47
I'd say that the ones that can't remember that to browse start menu you have to move your mouse not only vertically, but also horizontally (user: why the programs menu is dissapearing again when I move the cursor to some item? (moves just to the high of the item in reality...)) are just stupid.

9th September 2003, 08:37
Originally posted by thop
There are no stupid customers, only stupid tech support.

now that was not a tech suport situation, it was a customer that was Stupid, incredible stupid all by himself!!!

and saying that there are no stupid customenrs are inane :rolleyes:

9th September 2003, 21:50
There are a lot of useless brainless techs, but there are a lot of useless brainless customers too. Good techs are hard to find, they often get easily frustrated and leave the company leaving nothing but stupid techs. (which is what happened in my case) So in a way, thop is right.

The problem with most customers is that they leave it ALL to the tech, and that is very frustrating because most of the time the customer has done a particular task many times but trusts that the tech knows better. Ther in lies the problem. The customer calls in and suddenly turns into a zombie leaving the tech to be his/her puppetmaster.

Jon P. Inghram
10th September 2003, 00:10
This is probably why I wouldn't make a good tech support over the phone person. When doing over-the-phone "tech support" to family members, I end up sounding like the host of Wheel of Fish from UHF. :)