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23rd August 2003, 18:24
We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States.
Why would anyone do such a thing? :confused:

23rd August 2003, 20:13
Because they are just corporate ****oles.

23rd August 2003, 20:20
They have a different URL for Europe: http://www.showtime-europe.com/

23rd August 2003, 20:26
Also found: http://www.showtimearabia.com/

24th August 2003, 06:12
showtime-europe.com seems to be sth. else. showtimearabia.com works but doesn't have the information i'm looking for. i wonder what benefit they have from locking people out. bandwith is not so expensive i think.

Brian Ellis
24th August 2003, 06:36
If you go to www.sho.com/index.html, you can see their home page, but none of the links can be used. As this appears to be a TV network within the USA and the site is mainly for scheduling and programme descriptions, I can't see that access from elsewhere would be important.

What is interesting is that they do an IP lookup, presumably with an internal DNS, to determine the origin. In my case, they put on a Code: ZZCY20030824195.14.143.120, The last part is my current IP#, then ther's the date, then CY, meaning that their look-up determined the IP was in Cyprus. I don't now what ZZ means without Top. That didn't stop them putting on 3 cookies, though, into the bargain, the bastards.

24th August 2003, 10:14
Still, why they prevent access from outside the US is beyond me. It won't do any harm if someone not from outside US visits their site.

24th August 2003, 12:32
Maybe has something to do with all those canadians with pirate satellite systems???
Or maybe they just want to conserve bandwidth.

24th August 2003, 21:34
And here I thought it was to stop foreigners from seeing all the crap we watch on TV (that we pay extra for no less).

25th August 2003, 01:49
I guess it's a legal issue.