View Full Version : Today is Official Slacking Off day...

Fat Tone
22nd August 2003, 00:19
...here in the UK.

I'd tell you all about it, but I can't be arsed :D

22nd August 2003, 01:15

Didn't feel like doing much at work today.

22nd August 2003, 02:14
Hey i'm still in my underpants :)

22nd August 2003, 02:19
You must be at Reading Rock Festival then??

The great unwashed have arrived in my small town :(

22nd August 2003, 02:24
hehe.. nope just at home being me :)

22nd August 2003, 02:31
Please don't post a picture again lol

22nd August 2003, 02:41
Just rocked up to work - at about 10:30 :)

Fat Tone
22nd August 2003, 02:49
ya lzy b*stard - well done! :)

I'm "working at home" today, a.k.a. browsing murc, golf, pub lunch, check emails occasionally. ;)


22nd August 2003, 03:07
Love it. Might try to get away by about 4:30 if I'm lucky. People can always wait for numbers...

22nd August 2003, 05:09
Today invloves A LOT of work for me, and A LOT of driving to get some important thing done. Dammit, can't slack off until later tonight. :(

22nd August 2003, 05:35
We all feel for you Zokes.

NOT!!!!! :)

22nd August 2003, 07:20
Shhhh.. don't tell anybody. I just called in sick at work today. Going to disappear for the weekend with the wife at a nice little touristy place about a 2hr drive from here. Peace and quiet during the day (with no kids..my mother has the pleasure of being the boss for the weekend) and wild sex at night with the best part of sleeping in. First time since my oldest was born (4+yrs) that we will be away together from the kids. I think we'll start with a nice bottle of champagne for supper tonight.
Enjoy your weekend everybody!!! :D :D :D

22nd August 2003, 08:29
Damn! I need to get out! You people across the sea get all the good days. ;)

22nd August 2003, 13:19
Originally posted by dbdg
We all feel for you Zokes.

NOT!!!!! :) Haha, that's right! :D

Either way I am un-employed so everyday is slack-off day. :p

22nd August 2003, 17:22
damn, I wish I saw this thread this morning. I've beeen working my ass off all fricken day! 4 back to back meetings yesterday and I got most of the action items :( I've been trying to check them off today. My fricken dog kept me up all night because we had thunderstorms and everytime he heard thunder, he's start barking. I got about 2 hours of sleep and now here it is, almost time to go home...my buddy wants to drink. I may have a shot or two, but it's gonna be an early night.


23rd August 2003, 18:04
here a week before school officially starts (monday) the entire weeks been a slaker week :D


25th August 2003, 08:13