View Full Version : Canon 300D - 6 mpx SLR for <1100€?!

20th August 2003, 02:32

that should put some pressure on the other companies - if they didn't cut the technology to the bone.

I wonder why dpreview has nothing up so far?



20th August 2003, 08:22
Yes, strange that dpreview is behind... The forums are filled about it...

I'm actually amazed by the low price point. Canon Germany has it on their site for €1099.

Strange thing about the lens though: you can have a version with accompaning lens (quite cheap, about €100), but this lens doesn't fit on other cameras though. The reason - as I have read - is that it protudes quite a lot into the camerabody, but in the 300D, the mirror flips up in a different matter (than in other cameras), so it doesn't matter. It is compatible with standard Canon lenses though. :)

I wonder if they are not undermining the 10D with it (after all, a lot of amateurs just want a digital SLR, and at first sight I don't see that many advantages of the 10D over the 300D, apart from some buffer, some settings and perhaps the metal body)


20th August 2003, 12:43
I think the 300D is meant to fill a market hole between the G5 and the 10D. To me it is an odd sort of compromise that doesn't bring anything except price. The silver body is meant to keep in on the consumer side and not piss off the pros.

If I wanted to get back into heavy cameras and lenses, I would go straight for the 10D and not screw around.