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20th August 2003, 01:04
The reason I ask is that I'm often accused of "post-whoring". But don't get me wrong, it's no tike I'm bothered by the comment, in fact I don't care. (makes me smile when someone says it cause I think of my avatar as the one who's doing all the whoring :p )

Tis a curiosity kinda thing.

Fat Tone
20th August 2003, 01:10
'Tis both, and both are good.

20th August 2003, 01:15
I'll drink to that. :up:

20th August 2003, 01:18
A post-whore house, isn't that kind of like a post-brothel ? :D

Anyway, isn't post-whoring a form of social gathering ? :)


20th August 2003, 02:08
Lets say i voted for the social gathering, and indicated what i voted in this thread, (which is unneccessary since i have already indicated my opinion through the vote), i would be been post-whoring..:confused:

So i decided on post-whoring.. and proudly post-whore with this irrelevant post :p

But then if this thread is relevant and due to this post of mine, someone else replies and it leads to socialising.. then would this be considered as post-whoring..confused.. really a long sleepy day at work..

20th August 2003, 06:46
At times, a place of mind melding...

Brian R.
20th August 2003, 06:52
Post whoring is nothing more than the written equivalent of a person who can't shut up... :)

20th August 2003, 07:29
There was a time when The Lounge and prior to it TSB were social for social gathering, but that hasn't been it's primary use in quite a long time now.

The post whoring crap lost it's (extremely limited) entertainment value a really long time ago. I only check this forum once or maybe twice a week anymore, just in case there's something worth reading.

I like Brian R's summary of post whore's, although he seems to find it amusing still while I find it irritating.

Not that I actually care a whole lot one way or another, I usually ignore anything that appears to be postwhoring, but it's irritating at times having having to wade through the chaf to see if there is anything worthwhile. It's also irritating knowing that there is some redeemable content hidden too deep to find.

I'm not going to apoligize for ranting, or the not even remotely veiled flames. I think all you postwhore's are twits and need to find something more productive to do with the obviously excess amounts of time you have on your hands.


20th August 2003, 08:48
Bah, That is the point of the Lounge, and TSB before it. A place to post whore, or post ANYTHING. If you are looking for "redeemable content" you are in the wrong forum. Most of us, "Proto Post Whores" do post alot of nonsense here, but are quite helpful and serious in the other forums.

*shrug* go about your business, nothing to see here...

PostCount ++ ;)

20th August 2003, 08:55
Well let's just say that's it's a social gathering that regularly descends into an orgy of pimping, whoring and more :)

Brian R.
20th August 2003, 10:06
I just ignore topics with that type of posting. It's up to Ant to fight that battle if he wants to.

20th August 2003, 10:23
If you don't like what's being posted, start a new thread! Maybe most people are just waiting for a thread that is worth posting to...