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13th August 2003, 10:47
To the gates! The enemy is attacking! (http://www.ebaumsworld.com/castle.html)

Here's a few tips so you don't get to stage 14 and then get SCREWED because you didn't know what you were doing.

1. The first upgrade you should get is the Temple, so you can CONVERT GUYS. Without converted guys, you won't have men to put into your Archery/Demo/Wizard/Fixing Towers.

2. Have enough money at the start of the next round to pay for your little army, or they'll disappear! :mad:

3. To convert guys, click and gently drop them inside your castle, you can't convert more than 1 dude at a time, so don't try to stick 10 guys in your castle.

Other than that, have fun! I didn't know that I had to have enough money at the start of a round to keep my guys, so I kept losing them, heh. So when I really needed my wizards and archers... I had none. :p

Oh well, have fun!

13th August 2003, 10:59
This was posted a while ago. If yo umake it past level 17 you pretty much can go forever in the game without doing anything.

I think I got to level 97 before I quit. From 30 on all I did was hit, OK, OK and let the next level play out. I have over 1000 archers, 500 wizards and 350 craftsmen, with 50000 defense points, or something obscene like that.

I was a fun game though.


13th August 2003, 11:02