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9th August 2003, 14:52
Okay since you've been talking about amps in here. Whats a decent pair of headphones between 50 - 100 Quid??

9th August 2003, 15:00
Sennheiser HD497, if you find them comfortable.


9th August 2003, 15:01
Buying one now I'd probably go for any model of AKG I have money for...

When I was once comparing them to other headphones (mainly Sennheiser, and in price range you've mentioned) I was just...shocked.
Either they are so good or I really like their sounding that much more.

Jon P. Inghram
9th August 2003, 15:16
Grado SR-80 is a good one too.


9th August 2003, 15:46
What are you using them for? If you're using them on portable equipment, then the impedence is going to be a factor. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 231s, some of the best low-impedence headphones under $100.

9th August 2003, 16:34
I'm not going to claim I know about impedence or anything "fancy" like that ;), but I have listened to Grado SR 60 and SR 80, and they are very good, especially teamed with a decent headphone amp.

9th August 2003, 16:54
Sennheiser HD-570 (what I have) is probably the best Senn in that price range. Sennheiser makes great headphones but any of their high end ones you really need headphone amplifier to run right. I know someone that tried to run the HD-580's without one and it just didn't work well.

Grado on the other hand makes great headphones that will work with anything from a portable CD player, headphone amp and stereo rig. The SR-60 is their entry level, inexpensive and sounds great. The SR-125 is their newest one and won the Stereophile accessory of the year. It's about $125 USD, but with VAT it may end up being a little out of your price range.

SR-125: http://www.gradolabs.com/product_pages/sr125.htm





9th August 2003, 19:55
I've read several reviews that say the Grados tend to be a bit uncomfortable. Any first-hand opions on that?

9th August 2003, 21:12
Most of what I would say has been said. If you are plugging them into the back of your sound card, check to make sure the card can drive them adequately. Headphone.com has a pretty good list of what phones are good for this purpose and which ones won't work. The Senn HD497 was mentioned as an excellent all around headphone for this purpose. Good sound, if a little bassy, and fairly comfortable as well. A decent amp makes a lot of difference if you are listening to music on CD or better sources. One thing to add: if your computer system is loud or you have other ambient noise, look into sealed earpiece phones, like the Beyer.

9th August 2003, 23:56
I have two pairs of Grado SR-60 and love them. You don't need a headphone amp to get excellent sound from them, IMHO.

Brian Ellis
10th August 2003, 02:37
In a past life (1964-1974), I worked for Kudelski, the makers of the Nagra recorders. I had access to all the best pro equipment of that time and used it professionally. I even did some recording of minor musical recitals for disc companies. At that time, we used a variety of mikes, depending on the job, but we always used Beyer phones. Of course, this does not mean that Beyer are the best today, but I can tell you they were miles ahead of the others at that time. In addition, they were robust, also essential for sound recordists out in the field.

10th August 2003, 05:38
Oh, yes, important question: Do you want closed ones or open ones?


11th August 2003, 02:35
Personally I really like the AKGs - comfortable to wear, clear, brillant, powerful sound. I have tried 2 different, the 240 Monitor and the 501 - whereas I would recommend to go for the hifi-line, means all K-modells. The K66 is rather cheap, but sounds quite nice for its price (50-60E); the K401 is a really fine one, however in Austria you don't get that one easily, but you get the 501 really cheap...

However: these aren't closed! You hear the music pretty well when sitting beside.

11th August 2003, 03:25
I agree grado are wicked, you won't look back. THey do look a bit retro though.

For DJ use Sennheiser HD-25 ain't too bad but they are 100 quid, it's funny the British Airways version is only 30 same headphone, don;t know how my little bro got em:)

11th August 2003, 03:59
Blimey the websites back up. It's spent more time down than a Essexs Girls underware. :D :D

Headphone are going to plugged into a Soundblaster Audigy 1/2 Plat Ex and occainsionally in a Creek 4040.

I notice the same suggestions keep cropping up.

11th August 2003, 04:28
Sennheiser Orpheus :D