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5th August 2003, 11:33
First day at work :(

I just can’t believe it…. I have spent all day in induction lectures.. I know all about the different services which are offered throughout the hospital, but do I know when and where I am working, no. Do I know how much I am getting paid… No.

I am so pissed off… I have just found out today that my job has changed pay banding as of today. I know earn £5000 less than I was expecting. That makes me short a around £350 a month after tax. Now I don’t mind earning less I am working less. But I’m not.

Infact, I work between 1-3 thirteen hour shifts per week, with the remainder being 9-5. Plus six nights a week, PLUS one weekend.

So I am going to keep a diary showing the hours that I have worked each week. I don’t mind being paid less, but I am certainly not going to work for free. What is really annoying is that I purposely phoned up last week to confirm the salary for the purpose of getting a mortgage, and they told me then that I should be getting what I was expecting. Bastards.

And then we come on to the car parking. There is very limited parking due to the trust building a new hospital directly behind. I am only allowed to park during unsociable hours i.g. before 9am and after 5pm, which to be fair is going to be most days. However, If I am seen to abuse the system (read park on-site regularly) then they have threatened to clamp the car. Now here’s the killer. I am entitled to free accommodation, which comes with a free car park space – for use all hours. Now I don’t need the room, and they are in relative short supply, but will they just give me a ‘full-time’ permit, no.

I have half a mind just to take the room and not use it. I am so close to quiting….

There are lots of vacancies in the area so finding another job won’t be difficult.


5th August 2003, 12:01
Not the best of starts - hope it gets better tomorrow Paddy. Where's the hospital?

Just make sure you don't give up and keep on fighting your corner...

5th August 2003, 12:02
Walsgrave, Coventry.

S'ok, I am just on my second glass of wine.

5th August 2003, 12:03
:) Bet you open a 2nd bottle within the hour :D

5th August 2003, 12:08
I cant. i could be on call tomorrow....

One more gripe. The will pay upto £4000 for relocation, however i live 3miles within the minimum boundary. Figures!

To make matters worse, I have agreed to watch 'How to loose a guy in 10days tonight' too :( Damn you BitTorrent!

5th August 2003, 12:28
Err they cut your pay before you started after the interview ???

Isn't that illegal???

Don't mind being payed less the managers will love you. They screwed you so leave asap and don't serve any notice.

5th August 2003, 12:54
Paddy, have you signed the contract?
assuming that you're in the BMA, can only advise you to get in touch with your local BMA rep to see if, in their opinion, your pay scale tallies with your hours of duty etc.

5th August 2003, 14:32
Aye I am with the BMA.

They advised me to suck-it-up and keep a diary of my work hours.

I havn't even seen a contract. Apparently they are legally obliged to produce one within 8weeks, which would make me half way through the rotation :(

TP: I don't mind being paid less IF i work less. That my friend wont be the case. HR have dropped two pay scales by fiddling the rota.

Time will tell, but If i am only paid for X hours, I will only work X hours.

Sorry for being a pain, i just hoped that perhaps the real world would be a tad more organised.

Only time will tell.

5th August 2003, 20:18
I agree with TP. They are ****ing with the new guy to see how much shit he will put up with. I suggest you leave with no notice, put a paper bag of fresh, steamy dogshit on the administrator's doorstep, light it, ring the doorbell and run. Let him find your message on his sidewalk.. "so how much shit will YOU put up with?" :D

P.S. Get the other position first, and DON'T GET CAUGHT! ;)

5th August 2003, 20:21
BTW, look at the positive side. At least you're a Dr. now.. and can afford some kind of mortgage. You could be an underpaid, underappreciated bugger like myself. (BTW, if you become one of those ****ole snobby docs I am so familiar with, I will personally come over there and kick your ass!) ;)

5th August 2003, 23:14
Cheers guys.

Having slept on it, I am going to stay.
I will however document my work to the hour, and i need to find someone to countersign it each day.
I can't be too arsey, as i have to hand in my holiday notice :(

5th August 2003, 23:54
Just say your accountant is makeing you do it for tax ;)

HR as a general rule will usually try to get away with murder, but will generally cough up if they have to.

5th August 2003, 23:58
Well.. off for day two :)

5th August 2003, 23:58
Ah they haven't cut your hourly rate but just the work load. Stick too your hours. Most places will try to get to work longer hours.

The normal trick is the guilt trip.
Why are you now taking your break look. You're a little late becuase you've just made sure a job is finnished. The supervisor will walk back around ten minutes later to enforce the guilt.
Do you mind just doing this while you're in lunch hour.
Can you just finnish this just minutes before you leave. Again the guilt trip because your collegue will do it without question.

6th August 2003, 00:34
Good luck.. don't take any of their crap. ;)

6th August 2003, 01:58
one has to be very careful here as a reference from one of his consultants will be needed in the future for job applications.
walking out now at this early stage is definitely not an option if he wants to continue working as a doctor!

6th August 2003, 09:07
That sucks... Well Paddy, looks like you really have no option but stay... For now. You have chosen wisely...:D Good luck!

6th August 2003, 10:13
take it like a man! :D

6th August 2003, 10:42
Today was better. I worked straight from 8-5 with no break as I was the only one about. I am going to have to be more pro-active with my time management.

Doing 8am-11pm tomorrow - I hope i dont get the crash bleep.

6th August 2003, 11:23
Well keeping busy is one way of taking your mind off how shit you've been treated... good to hear it was a better day though.

6th August 2003, 11:52
hmm, Paddy what sort of middle & senior cover do you have when you're on?

6th August 2003, 12:59
Well, the SHOs have rotated today and the consultant is on holiday. The SpR is covering for three different teams, so i am pretty much on my own. I know the reg quite well though and phoned him fairly constantly throughout the day.

Tomorrow will be better as i am in the admissions unit all day, and there will be a SHO on with me.

I guess the biggest shock was the paper work. I can't belive the number of times i have signed and printed my name :( I could do with a stamp that automatically entered the time and date :)

Even being asked to write up 1g of paracetamol makes me panic!

7th August 2003, 23:23
Yesterday wasn't better.
I was pretty much alone in the EAU with only the reg on the phone as and when i could get to him. I just bowed down to the will of the nurses and it went pretty well... I guess what supprised me was that the so called early shift that i was working was from 0700 to 2215!

The upside it seems is that i can claim for relocation, although that is a long story.

Cheers for listening to me winge :up:

7th August 2003, 23:57
15 Hr day and they wonder why mistakes are made.

8th August 2003, 03:45
Didn't they have to specifcally exclude junior doctors from the implementation of EU employment legistlation? It truly is wrong and I would gladly pay 1% more tax for you to work reasonable hours Paddy :)

8th August 2003, 12:05
Ta. The annoying thing is that you arn't.
I have worked 5hours overtime in two days now.
I got 10mins lunch yesterday at 1530 and no lunch at all today.

Andrea thinks i need to be more proactive with my time management, but if i do enforce my lunch then i am going to leave work later.... I have just printed off a time sheet that i am going to fill in.... I will work any hours as long as i am paid.

I wont work for free.