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Dr Mordrid
1st August 2003, 03:06
DEEP reading here kiddies....


For those not up to the physics the summary at the end should give you an idea of a coming revolultion in how reality is being redefined;

Augurs of a Revolution

Researchers have proposed many other entropy bounds. The proliferation of variations on the holographic motif makes it clear that the subject has not yet reached the status of physical law. But although the holographic way of thinking is not yet fully understood, it seems to be here to stay. And with it comes a realization that the fundamental belief, prevalent for 50 years, that field theory is the ultimate language of physics must give way.

Fields, such as the electromagnetic field, vary continuously from point to point, and they thereby describe an infinity of degrees of freedom. Superstring theory also embraces an infinite number of degrees of freedom. Holography restricts the number of degrees of freedom that can be present inside a bounding surface to a finite number; field theory with its infinity cannot be the final story. Furthermore, even if the infinity is tamed, the mysterious dependence of information on surface area must be somehow accommodated.

Holography may be a guide to a better theory. What is the fundamental theory like? The chain of reasoning involving holography suggests to some, notably Lee Smolin of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, that such a final theory must be concerned not with fields, not even with spacetime, but rather with information exchange among physical processes. If so, the vision of information as the stuff the world is made of will have found a worthy embodiment.
Dr. Mordrid

1st August 2003, 03:12

Dr Mordrid
1st August 2003, 03:15
Ahhh.....but is it The Matrix or some other program running on an impossibly large holographic display? Maybe the real truth of existance is that we're all SIMS ;)

Dr. Mordrid

1st August 2003, 03:28
If we are all SIMS, if i ever break out, reminde me to shoot the guy who pays my subscription ;)

1st August 2003, 03:51
Ten thousand years ago, the Seers of the Upnishads said "All is light", meaning energy.

Ten thousand years later, science says, yeah, electrons, protrons, neutrons, etc.; i.e. all is energy, or light.

Material life is the manifestation of consciousness, or life energy out of the spiritual plane. In a sense, each of us is a chip off the old block, for lack of a better word, God.

Our "mission" is to mature through the Maya, the material projection or illusion, and in maturity return to the spiritual plane "enlightened".

From light, through the darkness (material world), back to light richer for the experience.

This "scientific" idea that the universe is a holographic projection is an intellectual projection itself, though the underlying inner disturbance is that it is beginning to dawn on a good number of chips that what the Seers of the Upnishads is true, and that the chips have forgotten their "mission" and it is about time they got back on the track.

But then again, this scientific abstraction, as many others, is part of the maturity process.

1st August 2003, 05:21
Hmmm. Sounds a bit too trek.


1st August 2003, 05:36
There is no spoon.

1st August 2003, 05:42
My head hurts....

1st August 2003, 05:46
...right. Life is a treck, backpack and all. Trek is the fantasy we would rather play.

...right, the spoon disappears around the age of seven. You get a kick-start, but the rest ya gotta do yourself.

Head hurts? Stop trying to figure things out. Wonderful relief.

1st August 2003, 05:52

Would this mean that you are Hindu, or at least a variation thereof, Mutz?


1st August 2003, 06:07
Head hurts? Stop trying to figure things out. Wonderful relief. Nah, the corner shop was selling some beer cheap last night... This morning i realise why....

1st August 2003, 06:21
Ha! No Way! I'm just me.

The Seers of the Upnishads put things clear and simple. Everything that has been belabored since is just corruption, decoration and theft. It is the same for all religions and religeous "translations" and "clarifications". It is amazing that anything still shines through. Life is simple, but nobody wants to keep it that way.

Just trecking. Treck to this, treck from that. Trip over this, jump over that, run into something else.

Just keep'n on trecking...

1st August 2003, 08:27
Originally posted by mutz
Just trecking. Treck to this, treck from that. Trip over this, jump over that, run into something else.

That is the best desription of life I have heard in a while. :up:

1st August 2003, 08:51
I keep hoping your avatar would trip over or run into something occasionally, but it just trecks and trecks and trecks. Doesn't he get bored?

Oh yeah! And chickens peck too!

1st August 2003, 08:59
I wish I had a greater purpose in life, but treking seems to be it. If the road does end, and I have crossed it, what is left?? :o

1st August 2003, 09:56
...The Other Side ....BUUUUWHAAAAA!

2nd August 2003, 09:03
heh, meet the guys at "theroretical physics", it strikes me as an updated "the earth is flat" theory :devious:

2nd August 2003, 20:38
Off-topic maybe

Jammrock, as a hindu myself, there has been many discussions on the creation of the universe and the evolution of the humans.. but what has started as a scientifically based way of life has degenerated into a religion of many cults and myths *sigh*

Relevant to this thread? :-> Hinduism supports the theory of the big bang -> The "Ohm" in whatever you hear the hindus say, refer to the sound produced (closest to what can be reproduced by human speech) when the Universe was created due to an energy(type?) release (a deep humming rather than a big explosive bang).

Side note :-> Human Evolution, A more widely accepted philosophy based on the Vishnu (mentioned on the website u linked) reincarnations. Fish (Life started in the seas) -> Turtle/Tortise (amphibious life form) -> Boar (a fully establised land animal) -> HalfLion-HalfMan (The transition phase) -> Dwarf (Man in infancy or early man) -> Axe-Man (Man with knowledge of metal working) .. and the rest regarding on the spiritual developement of man.. and depending on your view can include Buddha (as the supreme/end of human evolution)

3rd August 2003, 20:37
Feng Shui.....believe, be amazed, live a life full of happieness, wealth and health.