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31st July 2003, 16:22
500,000 people at the Toronto Sars concert :eek:
Headlining were the Rolling Stone, who were completely upstaged by one of the greatest live bands ever ---- AC/DC

also featured were:
The Guess Who
Justin Timberlake (had a few water bottles tossed at him and boo'ed)
Blues Brothers
Sam Roberts
Jeff Healy
The Isley Brothers
Blue Rodeo
and various others.
Started at 12 noon and finished about midnight.

Here's a link to some info:

1st August 2003, 21:28
Did you get to go? Man I would have loved to have gone. I was surprised with some of the bands that were there. I wasn't expecting the Tea Party, and didn't even know Jeff Healy was there.

I'm still bewildered by the fact that Justin Timberlake was there. I was killing myself laughing when I saw things being thrown at him. He sooo didn't fit the program. They could have pulled in Nickelback, The Hip, Colin James, April Wine etc. Instead they get the biggest geek in the music industry.

But then again, he did sing better than Mick Jagger.:D

2nd August 2003, 18:12
Didn't get a chance to go, was too busy at work, but had a few friends go.
They all loved it, especially the AC/DC show. Rolling stones were a bit of a let down, the only one showing any enthusiasm at all was Mick, the others looked like they had somewhere else to be.
One buddy was passed out before the show started.:rolleyes: (about 11 AM)
Other than some minor problems, the event went down pretty well- especially considering the short time frame to organize it.