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22nd July 2003, 21:06
I am trying to sell these parts locally, but not having much luck, hasn't been a week yet though..

I have not listed them on eBay.com because I don't want the hassle of shipping these parts, but I may have to give in...
they are currently installed and running in my computers at home, but am upgrading with new parts:

Sell all Pentium Computer Parts for one low price:
1) 1 (each) MotherBoard - Abit BE6 - 440BX Slot 1 - Boxed (accepts
--- or Pentium III Slot 1 Processors).
2) 1 (each) CPU - Celeron 300a - Slot 1 - Boxed
3) 1 (each) NIC- 3com 3C905b-TX - PCI Card - Fast EtherLink XL PCI
4) 1 (each) Sound Card - Sound Blaster SBLIve Value! - PCI Card
5) 1 (each) Modem 56 K - Tidalwave ISA - Card - Boxed
**(one of the best 56 K Modems, many features and good peformance)**
6) 1 (each) Hard Drive - Maxtor 6.8 GB 5200 rpm IDE - Boxed
> Also have (2) 64MB PC100 memory sticks that I may include at a
negotiated offer to include with these parts.
> Note: This offer does not include the Windows software,computer case, power
supply, or CDRom Drive, floppy drive, fans, or Video Card.
> Cables may be included depending on which cable. If not, they can be found cheap, very cheap. Hardware, nut bolts and screws, may be included, if not, may be found very cheap also.
Attn: dropping price to $100 / obo. (next step would be ebay.com
auction, if not sold here, in local print)
These are used and currently running fine. Come see them run before
Selling because of upgrade. Come see them work before buying.
These are Retail versions. Original boxes included, and CDRoms, and books.
I do not prefer to try to dump al this stuff into a big box and ship it, but trying to keep original packing materials and keep it organzied might make the shipping box to big and to expensive for long distance shipping.
those interested in the local area, can the computer parts run before buying. I use Paypal.com to send and recieve money. I also use it for my eBay auctions. Though, I am just aprivate individual that occaisionally uses eBay to buy or sell and item once in a while, not to make money.
Price $100/obo for all parts in one sale.
San Diego, North County. Vista, Ca.
Leave message here, or email, please put 'computer parts 4sale' in
Subject line.

Thank you,

27th July 2003, 22:05
it looks like parts are not worth anything, so I wil just be waiting til I have a ful computer ready to sel as soon as I put the new one together and grab the parts I need out of the old one, maybe I can sell it as a complete unit..... even then, itain't worth much....
no hurry now..

thanx all for looking..