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15th July 2003, 07:59
Coming to a beach near you soon.


Of course they could be the missing wmd. :D :D

15th July 2003, 08:14
Wow, Rubber Duckies teaching scientists, who would have thought.......:o

15th July 2003, 09:54
Pretty amazing that the rubber ducks have been able to last that long. Then again the article doesn't specify how many have actually survived the journey, though a fair amount I would guess given the ability to track them.

The closing part about the dead body in the survival suit was interesting.

Edit: Maybe if I read the title I would have see the "thousands" figure. Of course the shipment was probably larger than that I'd imagine, so I'd be interested in knowing the number of ducks that survived compared to the ones that were lost.

15th July 2003, 09:58
Well probably the inventory went down with the ship or overboard as well. I presume they had other matters concerning them rather than counting rubber ducks.

:D :D :D

Rubber duck Rubber duck

15th July 2003, 10:27
Do you think they can still sell the Ducks on a market stating "REAL-ALL-AROUND-THE-WORLD-DUCKS" ?

15th July 2003, 10:35
What, none got eaten by rubber sharks????

15th July 2003, 12:40

I'll check the chinesse restaurant down-town, perhaps they are already making a delicious rubber duck dish!

15th July 2003, 12:43
..time to sell yellow ducks on ebay. :)


15th July 2003, 20:27
Originally posted by Ssin
Do you think they can still sell the Ducks on a market stating "REAL-ALL-AROUND-THE-WORLD-DUCKS" ?

Those ducks must have put on quite a few miles during their journey.

On a side note they mentioned there was beavers that fell overboard... I don't really like the thought of Beavers having that much mileage....:suprised:

15th July 2003, 20:53
Those rubber duckies are pretty resilient to last 11 years out there in the sun and weather. Wonder what they look like now after all that? And why haven't they washed ashore YET? And why do they know they are going to wash ashore in New England now? :confused:

Jon P. Inghram
15th July 2003, 21:05
The rubber and other materials they make those things out of is very, VERY tough stuff. And since it's designed to fend off vicious attacks by bloodthristy babies intent on eating them, they are also very resistant to giving off chemicals and thus probably can stand up to a suprising amount of weather.

15th July 2003, 21:23
I'd like to see how long one would last with my dog.