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Fat Tone
13th July 2003, 09:15
I just installed a Casio screensaver (because I just ordered a really fancy Casio watch and was browsing the site). It shows the time & date! Woo! ;)

Just wondered if anyone knows of an interesting/useful screensaver (apart from SETI, FAH and the like)?

I guess what would make it useful is a collection of news items, a calendar, maybe an embedded calulator (obviously it wouldn't quit in the normal way), joke of the day, interesting links...who knows?



13th July 2003, 09:17
Our standard one at work (which we can't change...) is a map of the world which shows where it is day and night - and also the time at our key office locations (London, The Hague, Houston, Singapore and some others). Oh and the local time and date in big letters at the bottom. :)

13th July 2003, 09:18
Does standby mode count? It's useful in that it really saves your screen, and power to boot! ;)

Anti-Virus screensavers? (Or rather, anti virus scanners that run when the screensaver is activated)


13th July 2003, 09:28
Originally posted by Fat Tone
Just wondered if anyone knows of an interesting/useful screensaver (apart from SETI, FAH and the like)?

You should still enjoy DF without a screensaver! :D Just download this (ftp://ftp.mshri.on.ca/pub/distribfold/download/distribfold-current-win9x.zip) and use handle 5nswmnh4. :cool:

Fat Tone
13th July 2003, 09:31
hehe. I've been there, done that. Never found any aliens, folded a few gazillion proteins... saving the juice now ;)

Fat Tone
13th July 2003, 09:39
More useful ideas: It should cover all monitors (be at 1, 2 or even 3 :cool:) and it could show your unread email account.

How about if it had a mode to do some or all of this on a monitor of your choice whilst you worked?

13th July 2003, 10:32
It sounds to me Fat one that Desktop Sidebar (http://sidebar.tech-critic.com/) is definetely what you want (or perhaps Codename: Dashboard (http://www.snpsoftware.com/)).
Only one downfall: this isn't a screensaver :rolleyes:

Infoscreen (http://sourceforge.net/projects/infoscreen/) could do it probably. But it will be planning forever I guess :rolleyes:

Something usefull you say...

How about this (http://kfiresaver.sourceforge.net/) one? (don't tell me that fireworks aren't usefull :D )

Too bad that Electric Sheep (http://electric-sheep.org/) is available only for *nixes :(

Collective dream of sleeping computers...this idea sounds highly tempting to me.

edit: OMG, there is a beta of Electric Sheep for win32 on their site! :eek:
At last...too bad I can't check how bad my 115 kb/s will handle downloading the sheeps because I won't be able to play them anyway :(