View Full Version : Ouch

10th July 2003, 00:31
Pulled a muscle in my back. I would have gone to work but I couldn't get my trainers on. Hopefully it'll loosen up during the day. It seems clearing the blanket weed from my pond last night didn't help a lot.
Other annoyances that I maybe starting a cold or it could be the ulcer in my throat irrating everything else plus the high pollen count.
Anyway I'm going to sit in this nice supportive chair with the suporting cushion and sulk. :( :(

10th July 2003, 02:29
couldn't you go to work in your slippers or bare feet? :D
nevertheless hope you're soon better TP. :)

10th July 2003, 03:56
I would suggest that to relieve these spasms - SMOKE DA WEED :D

11th July 2003, 07:15
Well it's given me a chance to play a few games of chess with Junior 8. The score so far is three draws and one defeat and another defeat coming up by the looks of it.

17th July 2003, 11:59
Back at work for the last week and it's been a lot better. However I may have made an mistake. Just being old Tiger woods as ever I always lean forward a bit playing this. Ouch had to give up after one and half rounds. Hopefully I didn't strain the muscles again.
Junior 8 final score. If I remember correctly one win to me three draws and three defeats.