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Fred H
8th July 2003, 14:38

Nikon CoolPix 995.

Fred H

8th July 2003, 14:46
Fred, I'd like to promote the THUMB tag Sasq has given us recently here, please use it. Your pictures are really beautiful, and I (and I think many others here too) would like to see them in their full glory :)

usage: [ thumb=url to full image ]fullurltothumbnail[ /thumb ]

Without the spaces of course.


Fred H
8th July 2003, 15:22
Thanks AZ
Sorry for my poor knowledge about the thumbs. Now I edited it, but how could I delete and replace the thumb with a smaller image (for save space)?

Fred H

Fred H
8th July 2003, 16:29
Same scene, new actor.

Nikon CoolPix995 (no macro lense)


Fred H

8th July 2003, 19:01
That came out pretty well with out a macro lense :eek:

8th July 2003, 20:39
That coolpix sure is capable of stunning Macro work - its also the only cam I am aware of that is able to take pics by being screwed right onto a microscope/telescope eyepiece.

Excellent effort and pic Fred - congratulations to the actors too. :p

8th July 2003, 20:53
Kid blowing bubbles wanted me to capture this (Olympus C2000) http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/murc/uploads/PA300497thumb.jpg

Fred H
9th July 2003, 00:51
Nice picture, Lawrance. Very good sharpness. I like it. :up:

Fred H

16th July 2003, 11:11
more more more more more!!!! :D

31st July 2003, 04:40
Nikon 4500 screwed directly onto the ocular of a Leitz Microscope - investigations into skin deseases of horses.

Slide shows healthy skin of horse with hair growing at 80X magnificationhttp://www.galleryof3d.com/site/murc/uploads/DSCN0051thumb.jpg

Fred H
31st July 2003, 05:12
Nice job, LvR.

Fred H

11th August 2003, 05:33
My daughter playing/experimenting/(learning?) about formation of crystals produced this 2 inch high "crystal tree" - Olympus C3040


17th September 2003, 15:00
OK... I've had real problems with macros as i don't own a tripod and camera shake kept getting the better of me.

Here are my latest efforts.

First macro (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/murc/uploads/PICT0008_1.JPG)

Second macro (http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/murc/uploads/PICT0012_1.JPG)

Be honest! ;)

Fred H
17th September 2003, 15:41
Nice pictures.
Yes there is a little problem without a tripod.
But, don't complain, the pictures are very fine. Honestly! :)
What camera are you using there, Paddy?

Fred H

17th September 2003, 16:09
Minolta F300

17th September 2003, 20:07
I can also not see anything wrong with the pics.

Question on the second one - did you use manual focus there?

17th September 2003, 23:40
Sharpness is very good, lighting and colors are good, too. But I find the pics a bit boring, and my eyes can't find a place to rest on (I can't decide what to look at). The fly might have been good if you had been closer to it, and pictured only the fly and one blossom.

Also, depth of field is not very good, the background is too sharp, taking attention away from the foreground and making the picture look uneasy. For Macros, best go into Aperture Priority mode ("A") and choose the most open aperture (LOWEST! aperture number). This will also help prevent camera shake, because the camera will choose a shorter exposure time (because the wide open aperture lets more light through).

You said you wanted honesty :)


18th September 2003, 00:10

The camera was in full auto mode... I just pointed and shot.

I will look for this aperture setting...

18th September 2003, 03:24
So how do you like the F300 generally then now you've used it a bit Paddy? I've just ordered one :)

18th September 2003, 06:16
Originally posted by az
Also, depth of field is not very good, the background is too sharp, taking attention away from the foreground and making the picture look uneasy. For Macros, best go into Aperture Priority mode ("A") and choose the most open aperture (LOWEST! aperture number).

This is a problem with most compact digital cameras. Not sure about the technical explenation (has to do with the smaller imaging sensor en smaller lenses), but digital compacts hardly ever can generate a narrow depth of field...

I have made comparisons between my D100 and a friends PowerShot G2. In contrast, your Dimage7 has a relatively large sensor (and large lens), so it will provide better depth of field.


18th September 2003, 12:32
I love it DM.

My only gripe is that cycling from off to view almost always results in the lens opening.

Other than that, its fantastic.

Where did you order it from, and dare I ask for how much?

18th September 2003, 12:45
312 quid all in from Amazon - should arrive tomorrow in time for the weekend :)

Did you get some rechargables and a charger and a bigger SD card? I might get those in a few weeks once I am used to it...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying it Paddy.

18th September 2003, 12:51
I bought a rapid charger and 4 2100mA NiMH from Maplin.
I am still using the 64MB SD card, although I keep meaning to buy another.

18th September 2003, 12:58
How much were the chargers/batteries from Maplin? That's where I'd go in London if one day I decided "I need new batteries NOW!" :)

Fred H
18th September 2003, 13:00

Nikon CoolPix 995 without tripod (I was on holyday, not on photo "safari".
The photo was not initially planed. But my intention was for the insekt to take the attention.
Here the biggest problem was the wind.

Fred H

18th September 2003, 14:09
I guess i paid around £25 for the lot... dunno..

I needed them in a hurry.

28th September 2003, 12:20
Worst thing about doing Macros it takes you ages too get in posistion and then the buggers fly off. :(

Some nice pictures here though.

Jon P. Inghram
28th September 2003, 17:01
First two were taking with a Sony Mavica CD1000 camera, using an external flash for the close-up of the headphone amp. The last one was taken with a Kodak DX3700 (and no, that wasn't a real Rolex. :p)




29th September 2003, 09:46
some more interesting Macros... ;)



taken today on my place... ;)

30th September 2003, 17:14
Would you look at that... ;)

30th September 2003, 17:55
the bitboys HYPe chips:eek:

are those those for palm/hand devices?

30th September 2003, 19:59
They look mighty big for a handheld device.. could it be??

1st October 2003, 00:03
Originally posted by tjalfe
They look mighty big for a handheld device.. could it be??
it was rumoured that they had indeed working chips, just no one to manufacture them (avalanche?).

wanna bet on how long it takes until these pics show up on the rumour-sites? ;)


1st October 2003, 04:44
naah... almost no one reads these forums... it took more than 30 hours to get first reply here. :D

anyways, I am happy to announce that I am proud owner of both chips. (less than 10 AXE chips exists outside the company.) Revision A doesn't work (has Infieon manufacturing fault), but Rev-B is fully working 12Meg eDRAM DX8 GPU by bitboys. (most likely chip would have known as Avalanche 3D and Avalanche Dual.)

and before you start asking benchmarks, I have only chips. Not the card. But because I really appreciate MURC'ers general attitude, I decided post pictures here first. :)

1st October 2003, 05:26
:up: :D

1st October 2003, 10:34
Originally posted by Nappe1
But because I really appreciate MURC'ers general attitude, I decided post pictures here first. :)

1st October 2003, 10:41

so what are the plans now?.. will these chips ever make it out in the real world, or are they scrapped?

1st October 2003, 11:23
Infineon deceased eDRAM production lines on the end of 2002, so it nailed Axe. So, no Axe won't be available as product.

it would have been out somewhere near christmas 2001, if Infineon wouldn't have done massive losses on Q3 of 2001, which made them to cut down expenses. (this time it was eDRAM development and production lines.)

Bitboys have moved to Hand Held stuff and only small bunch of working chips are what's left from PC desktop side. (plus some IP, which is available as license. :) )

Fred H
20th November 2004, 09:35
Nikon Coolpix995, 2 cm, no extra lins, 150W halogen light.

This mosquito was probably autumnal tired. It was standing modell about 3 minutes. :)