View Full Version : Reccommend a UK supplier of trade PCs for resale?

Fat Tone
8th July 2003, 05:15
I'm looking for a supplier of entry level PCs to resell. Any suggestions anyone?



8th July 2003, 05:53
Depends on whether you want branded or clone PC's. For branded try the usual trade suppliers i.e. Northamber, Ingram Micros, Westcoast, Micro P, Computer 2000 etc. For clones I guess it depends on quantity, try and get a copy of Computer Trade Only magazine, there's usually people in there advertising clones for resale.

Fat Tone
8th July 2003, 10:21
Thanks Taz! That's really useful.

Do you have any preferred suppliers for clones? I'm not sure of volume, maybe 50 to start, but possibly ordered ad-hoc.

8th July 2003, 11:32
Well the only clones I come into contact with are the ones I build myself :D

People you can try are :-

Pars (http://www.pars.co.uk)

CCL (http://www.ccldealersales.com)

Evesham Micro (http://www.evesham.co.uk) possibly

Also some of the online retailers have trade facilities such as Aria, Microdirect and Scan :o