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6th July 2003, 10:11
Printing onto A6 paper.
Under Paint pro 8 I cannot get the damn thing to scale right. I'm printing landscape. For some reason the printer, deskjet 960c, insists on having an inch plus margin on the right.
I tried doing the same under Corel paint 11 and this seems to get it knickers in a complete twist and scales the print image upwards so you see all the jpeg artifacts. :confused: :confused:
I haven't tried Paint Shop Pro 7 yet. It's printing seemed a little more friendly than version 8.
I'm also wondering if it's because I'm using a shared printer and the printer driver software is getting it's settings mixed up between the two computers.
At the moment I'm enjoying myself wasting paper and I'm now fed up with it.

6th July 2003, 11:13
I know that there are a lot of options in Corel, which may be confusing, but you can get it to print without scaling, or with user defined scaling.


6th July 2003, 12:16
Well in theory it should scale down in size not up which seems wierd. I'll have another play another day.
Perhaps I'll end up sticking with A4.

7th July 2003, 04:29
I just tried printing to A6 paper on an HP970, landscape, in photopaint 11 without any problems. The picture contained a small graphic and some scribbles near the borders. everything printed as expected. The trailing edge has a much larger non printable border.

How large of a file did you try and print?


Fat Tone
7th July 2003, 04:45
My Epson Stylus Photo 890 got its kinckers (read 'margins') in a twist when I updated to the latest nForce2 drivers (which included the USB, via which the printer is connected).

The problem was the print area got truncated - everything would happen without errors, just the bottom half of the printed page was blank.

Uninstalling & reinstalling the printer did the trick.