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1st July 2003, 22:00
Olympus 3040 on macro.....http://www.galleryof3d.com/site/murc/uploads/zigismall.jpg

1st July 2003, 22:06
I thought we had a resolution limit...

1st July 2003, 22:11
Just following the rules laid down here (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&threadid=42771) - size of the pic is about 600K and not nearly close to the current 4M.........:confused:

My bad if I read that spec wrong - if there is only 4M in total available, then please forgive me and go ahead and delete the pic.

1st July 2003, 22:14
I think K6 is refering to http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&threadid=42759

I havn't had time to try to install a thumbnail tag


1st July 2003, 22:23
Ok sorry - thanks for putting me straight on that one. Just goes to show what one can miss when you have "show only topics for the last day" selected in user profile. :(

I will kill it pronto and setup something more MURC friendly.

1st July 2003, 22:26
can you upload a thumbnail to the site as well and try this tag

[ thumb=url to full image ]fullurltothumbnail[ /thumb ]

without the spaces


1st July 2003, 22:51
Nice Pic, and nice bird to...

2nd July 2003, 02:12
Have updated original post to reflect newfound respect for rules of pics posted here using DAN's "thumbs". :p

Somehow see the need to also limit the actual size of the thumbnail so that not too much detail is conveyed in the thumbnail pic and thereby negating the obvious need to click on the image to obtain much more detail - or is it just that the current low concentration of Jack Daniels in my blood is hampering rational though? - perhaps its just a crappy example using the wrong subject matter. :D

2nd July 2003, 02:14
Very nice pic and bird, and lower res wouldn't do it justice :)


2nd July 2003, 02:26
Thats the problem with a pic section on a limited size/bandwidth host not setup for the express purpose of hosting these huge files - one often ends up posting a lot of pics that does not really convey the true artistry/ability of hardware/lens associated in the shots.

That said, its really nice of ANT, Dan and Dean to allow a bit of the creativity of the average propeller-head on MURC to start shining through - may the pics section prosper.

2nd July 2003, 02:44
Yes - and I think we found a nice compromise with the thumb tag :)


2nd July 2003, 05:57
Have to agree with az here. :)

Originally posted by az
Very nice pic and bird, and lower res wouldn't do it justice :)

2nd July 2003, 11:49
Judging by the title, I was expecting different photos what with all the Brits posting here. :D Maybe I'm dating myself.

2nd July 2003, 21:16
Yup, looks like it went right over the youngsters heads....LOL

Nice Sun Conure. I hope it doesn't turn into a screamer like most conures do.