View Full Version : Image Posting Guidelines?

27th June 2003, 16:19
Hmm maybe we can hash out some rules on the size of the photos posted here etc etc?

27th June 2003, 16:30
Good idea. Wulfman already mentioned size when I whonked on 2272x1704.

Think 1024x768 is a good max size?

202k is already the max file size from MURC.

27th June 2003, 20:54
I would prefer it if you didn't add huge files too much into the DB - yes file attachments go into the db. And I have to download this thing to back it up :)

Working on the Theory that most of you have access to private web spaces - those of you that don't contact me and I can probably sort something out for you - give me a few days, and I'll see if can sort a 'thumbnail' img tag. so if you have nice big images, maybe upload a smaller - lets say for example 640x480 (or smaller) image with the ability to click and open up to the full thumbnail.

Just to give you an Idea, the Forum sql dump is already at close to 500MB - and we all know how burst is with maintaining lots of space on the sql drive :D


28th June 2003, 02:42
dbdg offered a little hosting space in another thread so he may be able to help out there but if we could agree to put a max resolution on images that would help out.

28th June 2003, 03:30
Hmmm, relatively few people involved in the new forum startup, and I know there are a lot of MURCers from amateur to professional in this field. It would be good if we had more input, consensus and expertise from all.

Ant, can you put up a few annoucements of the new forum on the home page and wherever else it might catch attention?

I've noticed that most people go straight to their favorite hang outs and otherwise ignore the rest, and whereas they they might be very interested in digital imaging, they would never notice this forum's existence.

29th June 2003, 08:12
1. Hmm, I think the maximum resolution will have to depend more on the resolutions people use. If 1024x768 requires people to scroll sideways too often, it becomes a bit annoying to watch them. I personally wouldn't go over 800x600.

2. The forum has just been started; it still is weekend. People will come (and if not, we could simply announce the forum in the other ones)

1. You mean I can't attach my TIFF files (3002x2000, 16 bit colour => 36 MB) ? :cry: :cheeky:

2. Oh, is it possible to display information about the size of a thread, so that you know which treads might take some time to load ? (just a thought)

I really like the thumbnail-idea ! :)


PS: Thanks to Ant, Sasq, and all the others involved for setting this up :up: ! Also to dbdg for the space ! :up: