View Full Version : To all Canadians!!!

22nd June 2003, 08:03
Have you seen the new Trailer Park Boys dvd yet?

No????????????? Get it now!!! It's awesome! Gives the show a lot more depth, and it made me look at the show and the characters in a whole new light. It's well worth the 80$ it costs.


Was watching one of the shows where Ricky and Julian were breaking into a jewelers house to steal a ring so Ricky can marry his gf. (timeline: Ricky got out of Jail the same day) A little girl sees them and calls the cops. They flee the home and the cops finally arrive and start chasing them in a car they JUST stole to escape. They get pulled over and Ricky pulls one of his "Do you know Jim?" schemes and manages to convince the cop that he's friends with this guy named Jim, which so happens to be the cops dad. So they start yapping about Jim and the good ol days and manage to get off scott free. The cop even lets Ricky bum a smoke off of him. They were about to be charged with breakign and entering, theft, gran theft auto, failing to pull over, driving without a liscence, driving under the influence, and the list goes on.

That was the smartest thing I've seen Ricky do to date! This show is great.