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12th June 2003, 04:52
So, we've all seen the trailers for the Hulk. It looks like some CGI escaped from the first Toy Story movie and made its way into a live action film.

Well now the theater is blaming all the bad reviews and press on ... a stolen prerelease tape.

They're claiming that all the CGI that everyone is bashing is based on prerelease CGI... and that the finished version is MUCH better.

Sadly, we've all (as I just said above) seen the trailer. :(

So, now I have to conjecture as to what happened.

While it's possible that they INTENDED it to be all cartoony and reminiscent of the year 1999, I have a different theory.

My theory is that the people at ILM (Industrial Lights and Magic) are just slipping.

I mean, look at Dexter Jettster from Attack of the Clones. He looks a lot like the Hulk - not really interacting very well with his scenes, looks kinda cartooned and pasted in... throwback to 1999...

It's clear that SOME of the ILM people can do CGI. Yoda ruled. But I think they have two teams... and the Hulk people hired the crap team.

- Gurm

12th June 2003, 05:34
I don't know who dexter Jetson is, but that bartender alien thing from Attack of the Killer Clowns was really, really poor done. The cloners on the other hand I liked - the artificial look fit them well (though it was very clear that they were CG, too). Yoda was good in some scenes (the fighting scene was just great and cute, but that's got to do with the sound also :)), but in the closeups, he wasn't really convincing, IMHO. Too clean. He looked as if someone polished him before the movie ;)

I think the ILM guys are stuck in the past. Back when the CGI from that Hercules TV series with Kevin sorbo made people think "WOW".


12th June 2003, 05:36
Oh, and of course, people now use CGI to use CGI. Some things can be better done with masks, prosthetics, and a real paper-mâché studio.


12th June 2003, 05:48
Thats true, at the moment people seem to think: CGI ---> Good Movie


Luckily there are some exceptions

12th June 2003, 05:55
I personally think that even if the Hulk looked like a giant real life Lou Ferigno (sp?) that the new Hulk movie would suck. It looks to artsy fartsy, and drama-sappy and crap like that.

It's a damn COMIC BOOK MOVIE! Treat it like one. The most complex lines in the whole movie should be:

"You won't like me when I'm angry."




12th June 2003, 09:00
The point is, the Hulk just doesn't fit in. In a comic book, humans and hulks and whatnot are all drawn, so they fit together, they create a world.

If the hulk, the scenery, and all the humans would have been CGI, it would at least have fit together (still yould look ugly though).

But they used real people, CGI tanks that look real, why can't they make the Hulk look a little more convincing, like in that 60's TV show?