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Dr Mordrid
11th June 2003, 10:07
A Marine gave birth aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer in the Persian Gulf last month, marking what Pentagon officials believe is the first time an active-duty woman delivered a baby on a combat ship in a war zone....

Elaine Donnelly, director of the Center for Military Readiness, said the birth should spur the Pentagon to review its policies. "I know the Marines are good at 'multiplying' the force, but this is ridiculous," Indeed :eek:



Dr. Mordrid

11th June 2003, 10:40
now why exactly would a pregnant woman be on active duty??? :confused:

11th June 2003, 10:41
It makes you wonder ;)

11th June 2003, 10:42
would she really have been at sea for more than 9 months? :)

11th June 2003, 10:43
Don't tell me that she was hiding this.

Nah, impossible - even in normal life it would be very hard.

Dr Mordrid
11th June 2003, 10:50
The Navy adopted regulations in the mid-1990s that declare pregnancy compatible with military service. But the new policy also placed requirements on service members.Yet another of Bill Clintons politically correct policies :rolleyes:

The regulations, updated in March, state: "The individual servicewoman is responsible for notifying her CO ... of her pregnancy as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after diagnosis of pregnancy. This will help facilitate planning a request for replacement requisition if the servicewoman is in a sea going/deployable billet."

No service member can be assigned overseas after the 28th week of pregnancy, the policy says.

The rule is designed to protect the health of the mother and the baby.So before 28 weeks the mother & child are fair game? :confused:

Sounds like B.C. again.....

Mrs. Donnelly said her research shows that there have been four deliveries at sea since women entered the fleet in 1978. None happened in a war zone on a combat ship. Two occurred in 1994 on support ships while in port.Dr. Mordrid

11th June 2003, 11:00
Well if I had a girlfriend or wife that went away on duty while pregnant I would call her irresponsible.