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Brian R.
10th June 2003, 13:18
June 10, 2003
Manchester United Sells Beckham to Barcelona

Filed at 11:27 a.m. ET

LONDON (AP) -- Manchester United agreed to sell David Beckham to Barcelona on Tuesday in a deal the English soccer star still must approve.

The deal also is contingent on Joan Laporta being elected president of the Barcelona team on June 15.

FC Barcelona had no comment Tuesday and referred all questions to Laporta, who could not immediately be reached.

The announcement on Beckham -- perhaps the world's most recognizable soccer player -- came after months of speculation about his future.

Another Spanish club, nine-time Champions Cup winner Real Madrid, and two Italian clubs -- current champion AC Milan and Internazionale -- also had been linked to a possible move for the England captain.

As is customary in transfers, no fee was revealed by Manchester United. Newspaper reports have said any bid for Beckham would have to be at least $48 million.

Beckham, who has been at Manchester United for almost 13 years and has helped the club win eight league titles in 11 years and the Champions Cup in 1999. He currently is in Los Angeles with pop star wife Victoria, formerly of the Spice Girls.

Beckham told the Los Angeles Times he was happy to stay at Manchester United but had never said he would remain there for the rest of his career.

Beckham is paid a reported $143,000 a week at Manchester United. He is worth $79.5 million, according to a recent survey of Britain's richest people in The Sunday Times. He has a myriad of endorsement and sponsorship deals and is featured on billboard and magazine covers around much of the world.

If the deal goes through, Beckham could face his old team for the first time on Aug. 3. Manchester United plays Barcelona in an exhibition game that opens Philadelphia's new Lincoln Financial Field.

Manchester United's U.S. tour is aimed at enhancing the club's profile in a country where soccer takes a back seat to other sports.

Beckham is getting even more visibility of late in the British film "Bend it Like Beckham,'' with the title based on his trademark ability to curl a free kick over a wall of defenders into the net.


Must be like when Michael Jordan retired the first time. Argh

10th June 2003, 13:49
I thought slave trading was illegal.


10th June 2003, 14:43
Last time I heard his agents have told him not to go into the talks so the deals maybe off.
Who cares he's a lazy bugger whos got more talent than he shows.

10th June 2003, 15:42
Make our deal selling rio for 30 million to the scum look very good, though I'd much rather have him in the team than Beckham.


Brian R.
10th June 2003, 20:15
Jeez, they made it sound like the end of the world. :)

11th June 2003, 00:46
Originally posted by Brian R.
Jeez, they made it sound like the end of the world. :)
it is for some fanatical folk! :eek:

11th June 2003, 01:32
It all depends on what Posh says.

11th June 2003, 05:29
That woman...don't like her...

11th June 2003, 06:15
Originally posted by Jammrock
I thought slave trading was illegal.


Exactly my thoughts :p

11th June 2003, 06:19