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9th June 2003, 09:48
I havent posted in a while, but I thought this was worth a look. I was looking around various companies for some aluminium electronics enclosures, and I found this. Please note:

a) The "Bargain Box"
b) The thick film hybrid circuit (they dont seem to know what it is)
c) 10 DC fans for 10
d) a single disposable syringe?

what the hell?
have they just emptied their attic or something?


9th June 2003, 09:57
I wonder what is in the bargain box? If they are willing to advertise all that other junk...

9th June 2003, 10:02
It claims, and i quote:

"These large boxes contain a variety of goodies and may include motors, enclosures, mobile phone accessories, connectors, hardware and so on. Hours of fun and bargains galore!"

Who could possibly want such a diverse range of stuff?!

Isn't "Hardware" a bit general?

9th June 2003, 10:03
*LOL that's a funny shop.. you can get syringes cheaper at a pharmacy, though ;)


9th June 2003, 10:06
they found it along with some extra they used themself, thats why that page exist :p

9th June 2003, 10:19
There's lots of those bargain boxes for sale on ebay as well. There are specialized dealers that sell literally thousands of them!


9th June 2003, 10:27
Crazy, who would buy a box of junk?

9th June 2003, 10:32
Originally posted by Byock
Crazy, who would buy a box of junk? Someone who is looking for that rare part and can't seem to find it anywhere else. (my guess)

Which makes me think. If I bought enough boxes, I wonder if I would end up with enough parts to build something? Thinking aloud.

9th June 2003, 12:35
probably not :p