View Full Version : Hey, does this look like an Amway type pitch to you guys?

3rd June 2003, 20:16
I got this email from my former boss today. I have a feeling it's another MLM scam, like Amway, but I can't find any information on the net about it. The website refers to a company called Goldcoast International. Seems very fishy to me, but I want to find some solid information before I respond to her. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Hello Andrew,

I've recently started up a new internet based business that I'm
very excited about.

In the past I've known you to be quite an enterprising and
ambitious individual and thought immediately that you might be
interested in exploring the opportunity.

Have a look at the attached link - and let me know what you think.


Enjoy! I'll follow up with you in a couple of days, as I'd be
interested in your feedback.

3rd June 2003, 21:32
I believe your initial assessment was correct. This definitely appears to be another Amway clone. Something to be avoided at all costs (well, okay...maybe not at ALL costs).

Check with your local Better Business Bureau or consumer protection agency to see if they have any info on this thing. looks pretty scammy to me.


3rd June 2003, 23:18
A bit OT but...
IMO, Amway is not the-average-MLM-crap.
Amway does actually produce/sell many good quality products, and I use many of them.
(I am not an Amway member.)

4th June 2003, 04:28
Yeah. Amway is DEFINITELY a pyramidal organization. But it's not a "pyramid scheme", because they are actually delivering a product. And, through hard work and the sales of other people's souls, you can eventually rise in the organization.

- Gurm

4th June 2003, 07:22
So it's a "pyramid scheme", but not a "pyramid scam" :)

4th June 2003, 08:16

In Amway, you sell products. You get a cut.

Out of your cut, the person who signed you on gets a cut.

Out of THEIR cut, the person who signed THEM on gets a cut.

And so on.

The guy at the top makes gajillions of dollars without doing any work.

The guys at the bottom bust their butts, and try to sign up other people.

- Gurm