View Full Version : FS: Matrox Parhelia 128MB ABIT Compatible Version (NEW)

30th May 2003, 01:46
FS: NEW Parhelia 128MB (part # PH-A128R-KT) with Abit Compatibility Revision ($350)

Hello. I am selling a brand new Parhelia 128 MB (part # PH-A128R-KT). This card includes the revision that allows it to be used on Abit motherboards. I bought the retail version of this card in April and found out that it will not post on my Abit motherboard. This has something to do with power issues between Parhelias and Abits. You can look at the following link for more information on this problem �


I sent my card in for a replacement and I got the new card with the Abit compatibility revision. It took Matrox over a month to send me a replacement and in the time between when I purchased the card and when I received the replacement I got a different card (I had a video editing project that was due so I could not wait).

Here is your chance to get a Parhelia at the fraction of the original price. If you own an Abit motherboard and cannot afford to wait an entire month for a working card this is a perfect opportunity for you. If you want a new card for a fraction of the original price, you cannot afford to pass this up! I paid $420 for this card and had to wait a month to get the replacement. You can pay less and receive a card within 2-3 business days by taking this card off of my hands. You get the card and everything that comes with the retail package. Shipping is FREE! If you want to feel safer, I can put this card up in an eBay auction for an extra $2 (it costs $$$ to put up eBay auctions). My Ebay account is animekite. I have 174 positives and 0 negatives and I ship fast.

Email me at --- or call me at 949.293.---- if you are interested. I�ll ship to the US and Canada.