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21st May 2003, 12:56
I have been weighing my options for a very long awaited and highly anticipated purchase of new computer parts, to upgrade my families computers.

Mine: gaming, playing, video creating, photo archiving, etc..etc...
Matorx Marvel G400
Wife/daughter: Games, shoolwork, and other stuff.
matrox G200 Mystique
Celeron 300
Taking mine and:
going to P4-3 gig hz
game flight sims need huge performance power.
Sorry to say but Radeon blows everything else away and Matrox has no competition.
wife/duaghter computer, can maybe use the G400 Marvel and they can watch their DVD movies, take my HP Photo Scanner and scan photos, and take the video from the digitial movie camera and make movies, as the G400 Marvel is still very good for all those. Plus my daughter wil love the 2D for her school work, still play her games...and all that, so that will work out, but with a much bigger CPU.

I have been in this community for a few years and have seen the ups and downs. I was saddened when the gaming market blew by Matrox, but am happy the Matrox marvel G400 (sad to that it only has 16MB memory on it). I see the new looks of the board, new to me as I haven't been here ina few months).

But, thought I would see what's going on here and say what's on my mind. I was really wondering what the gamers did when the market was really moving with the 128MB video cards 2 years ago, and 256 now, and more. I heard talk back then of people having to change loyalties. Having been through maybe 6 or more different video card manufacturers over the years, it is again time to jump ship.

My days of a sliiide show (unintentional) wil be over soon, as this old P3-450 is to old to be of any use in a home computer any longer. Along with it come the other new parts. Sorry Matrox, but maybe it wil live a while longer in the other computer (but I am not sure how many mor eyears for the Marvel G400), if my daughter decides she needs lots more video card, well, we wil cross that bridge when that day comes. As for her G200 Mystigue, it played games very good, excellent 2D/ great 3D, but out it wil go. Byt he way, the Tonic Trouble game (came with both cards) took us 3 years to do. Very good game, very hard, excellent video quality. if anyone decides to play it, get the strategy guide. take all the hint's cheats, you can get, I doubt there is any other way to get through it without losing your mind...

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