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12th May 2003, 21:51
Since quite a few of us have aquired new camaras lately I thought I'd post a Thread for general "Stuff".

I just got a Hoya R72 Infared filter for my Sony DSC-F717 and have been playing with it:


The top left is the regular color shot. Top right is with the R72 filter. The other two are from mixing the channels and adjusting the levels in Photoshop.

In Photoshop I need to learn how to exchange IR shot's red channel with the green or blue channel and vice versa.

12th May 2003, 21:54
I'm finally getting a handle on using the Channel mixer in Photoshop. This is closer to what I want.


12th May 2003, 22:26
cool stuff ALBPM! Looks good.


12th May 2003, 23:45
Somehow the post times in this thread got all fubared. Prob that spammer's doing. :mad:

Nice camera, Paul. Now you've got me jealous! :D

13th May 2003, 06:56
Nah, I deleted and re-posted after some DIXK Head posted a prOn link last night.

13th May 2003, 07:04
This is the link for one of the nicest IR image galleries I've seen so far.

It's easy just to change the mode to grayscale or used a neutral density filter with an IR Filter to remove the color. But this guy really plays with the color channels to create some beautiful images.


Chris' Impressions in Infared (http://home.surfcenter.de/chris/foto/index-infrared.htm)

Jon P. Inghram
13th May 2003, 07:22
Replacing the red channel in the original picture with the red only channel from the IR one give a nice effect.

<img src="http://forums.murc.ws/attachment.php?s=&postid=386511" />

13th May 2003, 07:53
That's nice!!! Did you use the software you had linked in the original thread. Sorry. I'm at work and can't remember the name of the software..

This is the stuff I need to learn to do. I haven't played much with mixing/swapping color channels within or between different images.

Jon P. Inghram
13th May 2003, 08:43
Nah, I just used Photoshop to do that one. XnView was the software I mentioned. Not sure if the way I did it was the easiest way, but:

Using the little picture you posted up on top with the normal and IR version, I made a seperate copy of the normal light minus the red channel by selecting it, shift clicking on the green and blue channels so only they are highlighted, and copying it, making a new file (ps automaticly selects the size of the file in the clipboard) and pasting.

Then going back to the original I select the corner with the IR version, go to the channels tab page thingy, click in the red channel so it's the only one highlighted and copy.

Then going back to the blue and green only version of the visible light one, I make sure only the red channel is selected and then paste the IR red into it.

After moving it around a bit to align it, I then balanced it's brightness out with the G and B channels to make it look purty. :)