View Full Version : ICQ Borked?

12th May 2003, 17:03
This is confusing the hell out of me. Everytime I boot into windows (for about the past week and a half) ICQ complains that it can't connect. The thing that baffles me to no end is that if I go into linux where I use GnomeICU, it works perfectly fine. So then back in windows, Nope, still doesn't connect. So then I decide to install WinGaim (http://gaim.sourceforge.net) and it connects just fine. So does anyone else find it odd that the "Official" ICQ client doesn't connect, but all these Open Source ones do?

Anyone else have this problem?


P.S. Forgot to mention that I"m running the latest version of ICQ and hadn't had problems before a week and a half or so ago. ICQ Version 2003a Build #3800

12th May 2003, 17:22
No idea, I use Trillian for that.

12th May 2003, 19:11
All those programs have options as to which ICQ server they are trying to logon to. See that they're the same.

13th May 2003, 05:19
I had a similar problem and eventually decided to just use trillian which had no problems...with mine I'd go to connect get rejected :( wait 15 min and then be able to connect just fine, of course I'd have to wait the 15 min before I'd beable to connect, then suddenly it went away...trillian is just more convenient for me though in the end...


13th May 2003, 05:32
and for me miranda...when it comes to connecting it ALWAYS "cnocks out" native im client of ANY im network :p

13th May 2003, 16:46
I had to say screw it. Tried Wombat's suggestion and that didn't work, so I'm just going to use WinGaim. I use Gaim in linux anyhow, and it works for whatever I need it for.... now if only gaim supported the Yahoo webcam, then I could get rid of MSN Messenger and Yahoo messenger and just use Gaim for all my needs.