View Full Version : WTF.... leb gov to introduce income tax (ranting inside)

12th May 2003, 15:55
sure why the hell not just make everyone poorer.... we already have a 10% VAT... have to pay about $400 if you get a child.... stupid car taxes plus forced govt car insurance plus normal car insurance... pluse import taxes.... municipality fees

if we where any where other than lebanon i would not complain but here is the situation.....

oublic schools and universies are the crapiest in the world...
the rodes have to be entierly rmade every year becuse the asfult they use sux becuse it is cheep....
sewage system overflowes everytime it rains.....
they instaled a few trafic light here and there but they barly work...
prices are as high (if not higher) than those in europ and states... (a "delux" appartment that isent that realy great costs around $1-$3million ... smaler not so delux apps are nothing below $200k.... and non of these houses realy merit these prices and i am being extra objective)

minimum wage here is about $200.... the avarage person ernes about $400-$500.... a person who gets something between $1,000 and $2,000 is considered very well off.. but they are not many and those who ern more than 2k are even fewer....

add to that an income tax and heh... i think you get the pic...

lots of money paid + nothing substancial returned = more people getting poor....

and some how the govt never seems to have any moeny... why? becuse they devide it all amongst themselves thats why....

12th May 2003, 16:24
So you have no income tax there now?
with no such tax, I can understand why your roads are in shitty shape.. I wonder how they could even pay to get them fixed as it was.
Here I pay ~26% income tax.. which is pretty much half what I paid when I lived in Denmark.. mind you I was still a student while I lived in Denmark. My parents paid 68%.. plus they have 25% sales tax, and a ~200% luxury tax on cars...

12th May 2003, 16:37
no .. you dont get the point... the rodes wont change... they did not change when they added the 10% VAT... the public schools did not change.. the administrative govt systems did not change (and they are like Sh!t)..... no mater how much money roles in to the govt.. nothing changes... i dont mind paying taxes as long as something is being done.... plus did you see what teh avarage joe gets here... look up again at my first post.... compare that to already high cost of living ... well you get the pic...

12th May 2003, 16:44
If nothing for sure will change, then yes, they are shafting you all .. which sucks :(
when did they introduce the sales tax there?.. maybe it just takes a while to get teh money out in the system.. or as you say, maybe just the politicians will get raises :\
so if the average joe makes $400-500 / month.. how does he survive?

Dr Mordrid
12th May 2003, 17:07
In the US taxes (Federal, State & local income and property, gas taxes, sales & excise taxes plus user fees etc.) can easily run 40% - 50% of an individuals gross pay.

As a percentage of the GNP taxes take almost 38% (1998 numbers).

Point of reference: serfs in the middle ages paid an average of 33.3% in taxes :mad:

Dr. Mordrid

12th May 2003, 18:16
Speaking of tax...

I think Hong Kong has NO sales tax :eek:

13th May 2003, 04:05
sales tax was introduced about 2 years ago...

Chris B
13th May 2003, 04:13
Originally posted by tjalfe

Here I pay ~26% income tax.. which is pretty much half what I paid when I lived in Denmark.. mind you I was still a student while I lived in Denmark. My parents paid 68%.. plus they have 25% sales tax, and a ~200% luxury tax on cars...

Yeah we suck like that. I need to find another country. 26% you say? Hmmm, how are the canadian immigrant policies? ;)

13th May 2003, 05:06
Bwahahahaah muahahahaha
I dun pay tax :D:D:D

13th May 2003, 05:12
Taxes are an excuse for some fat bastard to waste money on Holidays, meals, their own cars and to give themselfs large pay rises.
It's also an excuse for them to fill up there department with useless people and then take on more people to sort out the mess.
Taxes never get spent on the things that they were orginal raised for.

I would love to know where all the council taxs goes. Even allowing for Government cuts I reckon a lot of money goes astray.

14th May 2003, 04:30
Goverments are like freaking black hole when it comes to money :mad:

The level of unessesary spending is reaching increddible levels here in sweden.

Sweden has had a debt since the 90's when our currency got in freefall mode :(

Well, they fixed lot of it but they had to"save" money to pay the debt........

Well, so it was godbye to the infrastructure :(

Thwey hawe now been saving for more than 10 years and the result is that :
Our schools are like jungle!
Hospitals are starting to be dangerous because of lack of personel or overworked personel.
Elder care is a joke :(
The cops are one the list of almost extinkt enitys :( (who wants to be a cop with those salaries??)
The public transport system is getting worse and worse :(

SO all those that comes to sweden and has heard the "legends" from how it was on the 60-80 era comes to a country one the werge of almost becoming a disaster area :-\

14th May 2003, 05:42
Just on the news this morning that Sheffield is where the rich people like to live. All I can say is we ain't charging buggers enougth council tax to fix our roads.

A lot of it is the council fault.

1) get cheapo contractors in who don't repair roads properly

2) Council doesn't check it.

3) Road cracks and breaks up.

4) Cheapo contractor comes along and sprinkles a little ashfelt on it.

5) Cars/Lorries/Buses remove it all striaght away.

6) Council pays for improper repair.

7) Drains are blocked so large amounts of water run down the hills and break up the road surface.

How much would it cost the council to check repairs and also arrange a leaflets when the cleaning the drains so people can move there cars in advance. If they don't a nice fine would help the revenues.