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30th April 2003, 12:31
Ok guys here's a great one...WINE

For those of you who don't know this is more or less an emulator for Linux that allows you to truely run (so far as I've experienced UR Tourniment, CS, etc etc) Windows applications. it installs a fake windows so that when the prog refers to a windows file that file refers to a linux file that handles the same opperation...it's marvilous!

Now then the best part WINE stands for:


give it a try if you're a linux buff with the need of windows apps :D


30th April 2003, 14:22
I've tried it - it's great for many apps - fairly quick, but it does have problems wth certain applications. The only solution that seems to work ALMOST without problems is VMware - the only problems : cost and speed.

30th April 2003, 16:10
Wow, someone had a good experience with Wine? Actually it's an application layer, not an 'emulator' since the linux and windows are both on the same hardware platform, it doesn't need to 'emulate' that the architecture. So hence something like UAE or aranym are emulators, but Wine is not. (UAE emulates the Amiga's hardware/software and Aranym emulates the Atari Falcon's hardware/software).

The only success I've ever had with Wine is using the Crossover products. They work pretty flawlessly. Frankly those are the only think I use Wine for anyhow.

If you want to play Unreal Tournament, there is a NATIVE client for it. (depending on wether or not you have a well supported card like the nVidia Geforce cards, you may actually get better performance under linux with the native client than if you played under windows.)


30th April 2003, 19:38
WineX(3?) is getting very good, apparenlty with the right hardware you can play alot of games...

warcraft 3

wine-> compatabilty layer

1st May 2003, 05:25
I tried WineX 3 (the preview) out a while ago. The only game I could get to install was Jagged Alliance 2 (didn't have a native Windows installation at the time, so couldn't copy files or games from that). It would run great for half an hour or so (sound's a bit crackly), then it would kind of hang.

Now I've got some files copied from a win98 install, and I still can't get any game installers to work. I'll come back to it every so often, but for now I'll be running my games under Windows directly.

1st May 2003, 17:52
Uhm..... last I checked Jagged Alliance 2 has a native linux port. Go get it, I'm sure Tuxgames still has a copy. http://www.tuxgames.com