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22nd April 2003, 15:31
Its official now :D

You can chose you players race, looks, clothing, build you own lightsaber (and you can use two at once, or even a dual blade lightsaber :D)

Also you will be able to chose the light or the dark side again. They still use the same engine, but from the screenshots it looks like they improved it quite a lot

Here is an interview (http://www.gamesdomain.com/gdreview/depart/apr03/jedi.html)

22nd April 2003, 16:00
Yay :)

I was never a big star wars fan, but I played JK2 and found it really nice :)

Deus Ex 2 will wipe the floor with it, though :)


22nd April 2003, 16:22
That depends on whether you want a great game, with an awesome atmosphere and interactive storyline, or just some clean lightsaber action :D

As for star wars: Die alten Filme sind einfach Kult für mich :cool:

22nd April 2003, 18:45
Man I am really jazzed about JK3, JK2 was one of the best games I have played recently.

23rd April 2003, 02:57
I couldn't agree more bsd!!!:)

23rd April 2003, 03:28
crosses fingers for surround gaming