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22nd April 2003, 00:47
Well we are soon to be out of the loop for being MGI testers and our NDA's are ending soon. As far as I have been told, its legal to sell this parhelia with no questions asked. I am putting my parhelia 512 up for sale. Its selling for 275 USD plus shipping and handling. Its an orignal Parhelia directly from Matrox (green wire special).

Email me if your intrested.

22nd April 2003, 01:47
Does it come with warranty and/or support?

and shouldn't this be posted in Murc Happy Shopper forum instead?

22nd April 2003, 15:35
Hmmmmmmmmm, shouldn't you at least wait until you are no longer a BB?

Just wondering, what are you gonna use instead of it?

22nd April 2003, 17:15
I have a radeon 9800 which smokes the parhelia for my puposes, ATI has gotten alot better with its drivers...

22nd April 2003, 17:21
True. Matrox can't pull themselves together for the past few years :(

22nd April 2003, 17:35
Something you all have to realize is that we as testers were really shit on at matrox, Haig and his small group tried to get our voices heard to benifit you guys. We could have made parhelia a great card if haig were president of matrox, but that's not the reality. THe reality is that matrox like every other company is run by politics. Matrox doesn't want, nor has the capability at this point in time to compete in the upper echlon gaming video card market where standards change constantly. Rather a smart move to go the pro route, but they have a great deal of ground to gain in that arena.

So do i have any offers. The only support you would get is technical support, but for RMA's and stuff forget it....this is a green wire special.

22nd April 2003, 19:13
Originally posted by crossbonesx
this is a green wire special.

What does that mean?

And why is this not in the "Happy Shopper"?

22nd April 2003, 19:15
'green wire special' is a pre-production sample, clocked at oem speeds, with an extra green wire revision on an older pcb

22nd April 2003, 19:16
and crossbones is mistaken about the tech support.
we where told if we sold our cards, there would be NO tech support, and a min. $150 service charge if the card ever needs to be RMA'd

22nd April 2003, 19:17
and yes...this should have been posted in MURC's Happy Shopper forum...

22nd April 2003, 19:30
How well do the pre-production cards OC???

I remember ANT talking about 250mhz core clocks...

22nd April 2003, 19:32
It's the same chip, just an earlier PCB.
They o/c the same as any OEM card.

22nd April 2003, 19:32
What happened Eric, need to sell off fast to replace yet another blown P4? :laugh: :speechl: :dead: :p :D

22nd April 2003, 19:34
You only felt that way because you thought of yourself as being somewhat special and that what you were doing was more important than what anyone else in the group was doing. Even though you were one of the late comers to the group. We actually did pretty well before you came along. You were always cutting down those of us that were more into the gaming side of things. You were always carrying on about your other cards and I really wonder if you even really knew what you were doing, especially after blowing up that $600 CPU from overclocking improperly.


22nd April 2003, 20:16
Live and learn. There was an actual flaw in P4 that it couldn't even run at slightly above average voltage. Then the new P4's came out with C1 Stepping which solved the problem. Now I can easily and safely overclock to 3.2 ghz no problem. NO the CPU was only 255 bucks which i exchanged for one with C1 Stepping so I didn't blow any cash.


22nd April 2003, 20:25
Glad to hear you didn't blow this P4 with that same lame overvolt excuse (nevermind that one of us BBz actually is one of the engineers of these things... ALBPM)

Now confess where you recieved first time OCing advice... not these forums

BTW you can thank me for your OC success Buckwheat... yeah you refused to listen and instead went to Haig... who came to me and told you exactly what I told him for you todo :p

BTW didn't you have this on ebay already?

22nd April 2003, 20:30

Joel and Greebe: You go boyzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL

22nd April 2003, 21:03
I forget mike. I asked you after the fact. You still think watercooling sucks over air cooling

22nd April 2003, 21:22
Strange, could sware you whined about $600 at the time, oh well could be wrong (may look this up for shits'n giggles)

One thing I'd like to point out here...

"which i exchanged for one with C1 Stepping so I didn't blow any cash."

to have the cpu exchanged you obviously never told them how it died. OCing of any kind would void any warranty. Musta had some good slurpage goin on or a tube of KY hangin out your back pocket.

Whoops, another one... this took what 3-4 months to be replaced? (remember can quote if neccessary)
Hardly the minor event you make it out to be now.


Splat! Umpf BAM!

Na na na na na Batman!

22nd April 2003, 21:28
You still think watercooling sucks over air cooling


You can ask ANYONE if that sounds like something I'd say

(you won't find a single soul)

Oh wait what is this?! Mine have been watercooled since '98?! Egads LOL

22nd April 2003, 21:32
Originally posted by Greebe

You can ask ANYONE if that sounds like something I'd say

(you won't find a single soul)

Oh wait what is this?! Mine have been watercooled since '98?! Egads LOL

Um ya, everyone knows air cooling is way better then water cooling. LOL Me thinks you got that mixed around bones.

22nd April 2003, 21:35
and someone asked earler how to spice up the forms!!


23rd April 2003, 00:58
I think I can see now why the BB project got canned...


23rd April 2003, 01:00
Dear CrossChips,

Decapitation is exactly what you deserve and I opted for it long, long ago. (See betaguys, aren't you sorry now?).

It's definitely a god idea that you are selling your P. It definitely deserves a better, more caring owner. What I don't like about it is that you want to make some money on liberating your P. from your merciless slavery.

And please don't tell us such lies as above. Greebe, who is heavily into garden sprinklers is definitely pro water cooling, he even took a radiator from his wife's car to cool his new Athlon.

Also, while I am not particularly fond of Intel, I don't think that there is any flaw in the processor if it burns at the supply voltage well above the manufacturer-specified one.

Flangor, please make a good use of your axe.:D

23rd April 2003, 01:10
If you all want to have a bitch at each other please take it off the forums.

23rd April 2003, 01:26
Calm down guys ;) relax like Ant implied. Quote from MURC front page years ago... (something like this):

Relax guys. There's more things about life than computer hardware. Take a deep breath, go outside, and meet some new people

:tries to lighten mood here: (A shameless attampt)

Okay... I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both cooling mehod...

Water: Obviously cooler (therefore more OC) and quieter (Depending on the water block) However, problem is the risk of leaking... so its not good for sharp/messy case ;)

Air: No risk of leaking, sometimes they do look cool, easy to assemble/mod. However, problem is you better clean that blade annually, fragile, and can be noisy.

23rd April 2003, 02:20
Originally posted by crossbonesx
Its selling for 275 USD plus shipping and handling. Its an orignal Parhelia directly from Matrox (green wire special).

I'd be really surprised if anybody is willing to give that much money for a used Parhelia without warranty.

Also, I don't like the idea of selling something that you got for free in first place, but maybe that's just me.

23rd April 2003, 02:53
It's not just you, Maggi...

23rd April 2003, 03:26
Shame, shame , shame.......

Anyways, I'm still overclocking the hell out of my same old 2.26 P4 with no problems at 1.75 volts.

I do not recommend doing the Vid wire wrap on the P4's unless you want to trash them. And yes, I know their guts inside and out and still have my own experiments running in our FAB to improve Yield.

23rd April 2003, 11:36
oh the drama :rolleyes: