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3rd April 2003, 09:51
The only problem with Suse is they don't do iso images which leaves out downloading it. Mandrake 9.1 seems to be very buggy and I can't be arsed to play with it. Definatley a step back from version 8.1.

3rd April 2003, 11:49
After spending the time to get it running on my Laptop, I would say Gentoo Linux!!! Mind you it is really a pain to get installed, but I must admit that I like it alot :)

3rd April 2003, 16:05
Odd, what kind of hardware are you setting up under Mandrake 9.1? I have it set up on my server and it's working great. Though one weird thing about it..... whenever I use Putty to ssh into it, it gives me a weird host name (dhcp-1408-225) rather than the one I tell it to. Then after I run the 'hostname' command, then re-log in, it works fine. But the next time I do it, it gives me the dhcpxxx one again. What's up with that?


3rd April 2003, 23:15
Took three installs to get to load right. Still have to use a boot floppy though.
Setup rountine doesn't list a Radeon 9700 as one of the video cards. In fact is down as a plain Radeon although the 8500 is listed. Selected Radeon and then at the end of rountine you when configure the setup it identifies correctly but only if you've got one monitor switched on.
Bootloader question will confuse newbies Mandrake 8.x said you want a floppy and just got on with it rather than asking a further question.
Printing is via cups although the old system they used worked perfectly. You can't select seperate printers only genertic printers ie deskjet or laserjet. The added printer doesn't come up in other apps afterwards. Now I can't print across the network probably becuase the networking seems to be fubarred although it doesn't seem sure about it. Sometimes it connects sometimes it doesn't and yet it always says it's unconnected even when it's decided it's sending and recieveing packets.
Other annoying things is that the root account is hidden from the user you have to go manage accounts and set it up as an option.
Now can I be bothered to bug shoot the crap.
As for the setup it's in my sig

4th April 2003, 12:19
Weird, never had any of those problems. In fact I read in a review that it wouldn't properly detect if you're running a dual-board, but that worked fine. I thought that 8.1 used Cups for printing as well. (used too many distros since then to remember for sure). Whenever I've set up Cups, it's worked fine. I have a Lexmark z52 and I've even been able to set it up straight through the web interface.

It looks like you're using all IDE devices, I know if you mix IDE/SCSI devices most of the time the boot sector for lilo has to be on the first IDE boot device. For instance, whenever I install Debian, I have to go in with the rescue disk (that's on the boot CD-rom) and change lilo to load from /dev/hda rather than /dev/sda. But Mandrake and Redhat have always been good at setting that up properly. (The debian installer hasn't really had a major update in many years). I would check the md5sums on your disks to make sure they match the 9.1 final ones, 'cause that sounds like you're having a lot of problems there. Or you could always post on www.mandrakeusers.org


5th April 2003, 04:14
Made a little progress with it. Installed Ksamba and xmsbrowser. These installs insisted the samba server was installed as well.
So I configured the samba server side of things although this seems to have got itself confused and lists two workgroups so I'll have to check it's conf file sometime this weekend. The second workgroup is the default workgroup samba starts with.
Under xmsbrowser I can see the other computer but when I click on it it says no computers found. If I click on the workgroup it says no workgroups found.
However if I go to lneighbourhood I can see the other computers hard drive and printer but not the share. I also get ssl error messages.
Cups is no go still but one thing at a time.
The control centre saying the network isn't connected seems to be a bug (What a surprise) as I can ping merrily away either way.
Under Mandrake 8.1 I'm pretty sure didn't use cups. I set it up via the setup routine. Typed in the Workgroup, username and password selected model (No option under cups to do this) and as long I used a fixed ip for the network rather than dhcp it worked.
As for the samba server do I really need it as the machine is a client and not a server. I've asked this before and didn't get a response.

5th April 2003, 23:01
Samba is entirely evil. I don't think you need the Samba server to mount a windows share. In fact all you should have to do is mount it with smbfs. I don't recall right now how to do this, but it wasn't that hard. The opposite is what I've been trying to get to work all day today. Mounting a Linux directory as a share directory for WindowsXP. It keeps asking me for a username/password, but I set it to not ask for one, but with no luck. Annoying thing.

Cool, before I even hit submit, I figured it out. Through Nautilus I could share the file. I had to add permissions to my user account in /etc/fstab of course. But then again I was trying to share a harddrive I had placed into my server.

Make sure you change your workgroup = to whatever you use. WindowsXP uses MSHome by default (once the network wizard is ran, otherwise it uses WORKGROUP) and Mandrake uses MDKGROUP as it's default.

Good luck.


6th April 2003, 04:36
Got the sharing issue sorted out. Can mount the drives without any problem. Printing still broken but then apparently it's got a huge security hole so I ain't going to bother getting to work.
Still as a distro ready to work from the "box" for average Joe it's nowhere near.
Perhaps in the next ten releases it will get there.
No I wonder what Suse's like??

6th April 2003, 10:17
I've tried a few versions of Suse (7.1 and 7.3 I think) and they were more terrible than any Mandrake I've tried. At least in Mandrake the Control Center would load!


6th April 2003, 12:16
Originally posted by leech
I've tried a few versions of Suse (7.1 and 7.3 I think) and they were more terrible than any Mandrake I've tried. At least in Mandrake the Control Center would load!


Unless you log on as root and it won't load under Mandrake either. Pretty dumb that.

Any other printer configuration tool I can use rather than cups??

8th April 2003, 04:17
I haven't ever tried. I'm sure Mandrake comes with all the alternatives, it just happens to use Cups as default 'cause it's the easiest one out there to set up. I think it odd that you're having troubles with it. I just selected my printer straight from it, it even was detected by my WinXP machine without problems.


8th April 2003, 04:20
I'm printing to a XP machine not the other way round. Cups uses plain text authentication due to a bug. Earlier Mandrake did use cups and this did work striaght away.