View Full Version : Third-party MGA/MTX driver support under Linux!

28th March 2003, 22:38
Do you know what is SciTech SNAP?
If not, have a look here:

Basically it is a driver set for Linux for and outside the constraints of XFree86 and the Linux kernel. Currenly the Parhelia is not on the compatibility list http://www.scitechsoft.com/chiplist/snap_linux_chiplist.html althought it COULD be compatible in the near future as the list is merely 1/3 of all supported gfx cards.

Hmm... does that mean we don't have to wait for THE Matrox software development team for their driver releases? :)

29th March 2003, 20:58
It MIGHT include Parhelia drives some time in the future, but consider this: you've already paid ~$400 for a card with "outspoken" support from the manufacturer. Do you want to pay even more just to get working drivers?

29th March 2003, 23:09
SNAP for OS/2 costs about $35, so assuming that the Linux version is about the same that's not that much on top of the price of a Parhelia. But if Linux support was important to you, you shouldn't have bought a P in the first place.

30th March 2003, 10:06
Originally posted by Ribbit
But if Linux support was important to you, you shouldn't have bought a P in the first place.

How was I supposed to know that? Matrox promised support from day one. Was there any special reason to believe Matrox was lying?

30th March 2003, 15:26
No, but all companies make promises ;)

31st March 2003, 17:59
I did email them about Parhelia support and this is what I got in reply:

" We plan to eventually include support for many cards, some not listed. However we don't publish those cards, nor any planned release date."


31st March 2003, 18:05
Ooh.. Looks like they've been taking classes in public relations from a Matrox employee. ;)