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21st March 2003, 09:44
Just upset that scan uses woeful initial city links to deliver their goods. Parcel force always gets your stuff to you on time. I only ordered from scan because I thought I'd get the stuff today. If I had known I'd have waited and bouth them at the computer fair tomorrow seing as i'm going to London tomorrow. Oh well.

21st March 2003, 10:09
On line companies very rarely deliver next day. It's basically a scam. Next time just choose the three day deliver and theres just as much chance it'll turn up the next day.

21st March 2003, 10:12
I just bought a digital camera, a microdrive, and an mp3 player online from three different shops, and was amazed when everything arrived on the next day (two parcels were standard german post delivery, one ups). Haven't had that when buying computer parts online a few years ago.


21st March 2003, 10:12
In my experience Scan will not deliver next day unless you pay for it.

What did you get?

21st March 2003, 10:19
My experiance Scan Overclockers.co.uk,simply.co.uk and a few others have all failed to deliver next day even after paying for it. Trying to get a refund just ain't worth the trouble.

21st March 2003, 10:21
In my experience stuff from Scan has always turned up the next day. And I haven't always had wonderful experiences with Parcel Force. If they deliver something which needs a signature and no-one's in, they leave the card saying "we'll retry delvery on xxx", and then don't show up when xxx rolls around. For one parcel they didn't bother to even leave the card twice, so we weren't aware that there was a parcel for us and couldn't reschedule or collect it ourselves.

21st March 2003, 10:25
I even called twice and gave frickin directions, because they claimed to have difficulty finding the place when I ordered the Parhelia. I am cancelling the order.

21st March 2003, 10:27
I find pretty much everything gets here the next day from scan, dabs, et al. But the difference might well be that they are delivering to a massive office's mailroom in central london...

21st March 2003, 10:33
The problem with these online companies is that they will give you next day deliver from when the item comes into stock. Most of the time they wont tell you if the item is in stock or not....

I have never had any problems with Scan's today only though... they seem to prioritise with that one...

21st March 2003, 10:39
Just cancelled the order with scan and with initial city links. I will buy the stuff at the computer fair tomorrow.

24th March 2003, 07:34
OK. The saga continues. The idiots still delivered the order. I was happy as I was unable to find the motherboard at the computer fair. Then I opened the packaging and to my dismay there was an empty motherboard box and empty packing paper which was stamped mem and cpu. Horrified, I immediately called scan and reported it. They said they are going to replace it but I cannot believe that sort of thing happens in this country.