View Full Version : Inductive charging of mobile devices coming...

Fat Tone
21st March 2003, 01:55

Me want! :cool:

21st March 2003, 02:07
looks good :)

Perhaps it could be applied to cordless mice and keyboards too???

Fat Tone
21st March 2003, 02:12
I imagine it could be taken a step further and actually transmit data to devices whilst charging them - like synchronising your pda, sim etc.

21st March 2003, 02:25
You know, my electric Toothbrush (Braun Oral B 3D Excel) does this since.. dunno :)


21st March 2003, 02:28
Yeah, not to mention security cards.

21st March 2003, 02:36
Yeah, its just an induction loop.. .but hey, it would make a cool mouse mat. :)

21st March 2003, 02:39
Heard of this stuff for notebooks a year or two ago, but it was waaay too expensive.


21st March 2003, 03:04
Is it not slow to recharge?

21st March 2003, 03:55
If you can leave it on the "charger" all day, who cares?


21st March 2003, 05:33
There was a post about inductive chargers a while back on MURC.

Though there is one way cool application I can think of. Imagine making the Ligitech MX700 an inductive charged device and the mouse pad the charger. No worry about battery life then, cause it would always be powered by the mouse pad ;)


21st March 2003, 06:32
Yup, that's what I was thinking with my post :)

21st March 2003, 06:44
Yep, and they'll be linking this to cancer of the hands in about 20 years.

21st March 2003, 07:01
No, to blank credit cards...i think the induction loop generates a magnetic field also, and can wipe any magnetic storage media placed directly upon it...

Like in stores when they put the anti-theft transponder on an induction table to short it out. Put a credit card on there and you are stuffed...

maybe they've sorted it out by now...

21st March 2003, 15:54
Yeah, Inductive charging works by creating a magnetic field and inducing a charge from the flux in the secondard (in this case the toothbrush or phone etc). Due to heating and regulations on interferance, the induced current in the target device is going to be pretty low... enough to charge a low voltage battery however such as a mobile phone or toothbrush, or other device. I imagine it'll take longer to charge the phone that way than through a direct connection however.

22nd March 2003, 00:41
aye, but if it charges faster than the mouse battery drains, then who cares :)

22nd March 2003, 10:00
Why bother with a battery? If the pad is going to charge it constantly, then a capacitor or two would be able to hold a little bit of a spare charge - you could really reduce the mouse weight (and cost) that way.

22nd March 2003, 11:10
I think there was a cordless mouse were the spinning of the ball charged the mouse. Of course, this wouldn't be an option for optical mice, but you could still have one of those systems like in expensive mechanical watches, were your movements charge the system.

For wearables, body warmth will be the desired power source - this could even be woven into fabrics and cool you in the summer, and at the same time charging your mobile devices!