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19th March 2003, 05:48

For those who don't know or have forgotten the story and older pics of my daughter, you can look here (http://forums.murc.ws/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36429&highlight=daughter) first, if you want.

So, december 23rd she finally came home to us, three days before her first birthday. She still needed Oxygen, and didn't eat, so was fed through a tube. We had a big oxygen concentrator (size of two miditowers next to each other, and LOUD, since it needs a compressor), oxygen tanks for when we leave the house (which we shouldn't, because of her weak immune system), and a pulse oximeter, the false alarms of which woke us several times each night.

On january 9th, after only a good two weeks with us, she needed no more additional oxygen, and breathed all by herself. The clinic could not believe it. By the end of january, she pulled her feeding sond out of her nose. Since then, she tries to eat (drink) all she needs herself, with varying degrees of success. We had to give her the feeding tube a few times (a cruel procedure, because she doesn't understand it - you shove it up her nose and push until the end reaches the stomach. She was of course mad at us the entire day when we had to do this).

She is now 67cm tall, and weighs ~4500g. Whenever we see a normal baby, we think "Ugh! How grossly fat!" *LOL

Twice a week, the physiotherapist comes, and twice a week a woman who erm... teaches her to use her senses and her body (dunno the word, german word would be "Frühförderung", which would translate to "early aid/support/stimulation"), and the doctor every two weeks.

Soooo... now, the pictures. These are from a few days ago, when she had the feeding tube, which she now doesn't need, hopefully forever.




AZ :)

P.S.: I see my post turned out to sound quite negative, but actually I'm feeling quite positive at the moment :)

19th March 2003, 05:52
Gorgeous. You're a lucky family :)

19th March 2003, 05:57

I hope for the best for her! :)

19th March 2003, 06:02
Oh, forgot to say: she squints quite a lot ;)


19th March 2003, 06:18

19th March 2003, 06:28
What a sweet little girl.
All the best to her and yourselves.

19th March 2003, 07:37
Hi Samira! Herzliche Glückwünsche on your soon-to-be 1.25th birthday. Keep up the good work, OK?

BTW az, have you bought her a cellphone yet? If she's crying occasionally then that might explain it... I think it's about at that age when they start wanting their own phones nowadays :D

19th March 2003, 07:38
Hey, I like the great news and the awesome pics. So who does she look like you or the mother?
Anyways very happy that all is going super.

19th March 2003, 07:53
Happy to see that it is going better now :)

19th March 2003, 07:55
*LOL Tempest, thank you - I'd better not mention cell phones in front of her, giving her bad ideas ;)

RhinoZ, at first we thought she looked 100% like me (poor kid), but the more and more she matures, the more she looks like her mother :)


19th March 2003, 08:14
She's lovely. You're a lucky guy.

My best wishes to the three of you. :)

19th March 2003, 08:18
Her smile brings warmth to my heart. :)

P.S: Was wondering when you were gonna post some updates. :p

19th March 2003, 09:29
It's good to see she's making such rapid progress. She looked so fragile in those first pics you posted. I bet you and mom are relieved. :)

19th March 2003, 09:32
Congrats, of all the titles you can get in life, none seem to suit better than "Father".

Best of wishes to you, and your family.

19th March 2003, 09:38
Originally posted by az
Oh, forgot to say: she squints quite a lot ;)


Don't Worry, its "fixable" :D

And Congrats! :D

19th March 2003, 09:39
Best wishes to you and your family az. I can kinda relate to your situation as my daughter has Down's Syndrome and has constantly had one medical problem or another (nothing major in a long time thankfully).

It's good to see that's your daughter is progessing so well (no feeding tube anymore and such). She is very adorable, and I'd have to agree with Byock on his comment. :)

19th March 2003, 12:18
best wishes AZ....

19th March 2003, 21:15
best wishes for you and ur daughter AZ! :) It's good to see that she has come alone way :)

19th March 2003, 22:12
Great pictures! This is the kind of stuff I like to see on MURC :) Thanks for sharing with us az.


19th March 2003, 22:15
My god! I just looked at the old pictures. She has grown so much! Makes me feel warm inside :)

20th March 2003, 03:56
Hey Az,
I have two girls, age 4 and 1 yrs old, and they did the same thing to me. They looked alot like me when they were born, almost 10 out of 10 was saying she looked like me but after a year it started to go 50/50. Now my 4 year old only has my eyes :(
At least I've got another year with my youngest girl to show off her daddy's good looks:D

20th March 2003, 12:25
Az, when she will be old enough to understand, don't forget to tell her that she has 11,152 uncle :)

I'm really happy for you three ^_____^

20th March 2003, 13:37
Az, good to see her making progress, glad to see you back on forum.

20th March 2003, 15:34
beautiful little girl, AZ!