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16th March 2003, 06:00
Well after much coding, sweat, sleepless nights and a few tears (from banging my head against a wall).
Here is our new home. If you haven't looked at the main MURC page yet, please do so.

We have some few new features, and a different look.

Apart from news items now being actual threads in the forum, we have a more 'user friendly' user review section (thanks to the guys in the DV forum for the idea), new poll section and a few other things.

Also look at the bottom of each post, next to the 'report this post' link is the post number, there is a hyperlink attached to that for easy referencing of posts in other threads.

If you have any threads you wish to see made news, contact Ant, myself or one of the murc writers. Also if you wish to submit pics with a review email them to myself or ant for placement in the correct location.

If you notice any bugs or strange occurrences please let me know, and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

There may be more movement going on later, in and around the forums, but that's as yet to be seen ;)

A special thanks to Jesterzwild and Dparadis for their help with the graphics - and you to Gurm.

Welcome to our new home


16th March 2003, 06:03
All I can say is "Nice" :D

16th March 2003, 06:05

O yea. When I entered I literally jumped! Yesterday I was looking at the front page and I was like... oh man... news from december 22 :D

16th March 2003, 06:09
hehe, well we are trying to get a bit more activity happening.

Some of the stuff on the news page is still down and will be till I have time to enter all the data for downloads and links etc

While we have a user review section up, I want to get something better for 'murc' reviews happening, so same thing for now head to the old page for some things.

So in the mean time, if you need any of that you will have to head to the old news page.


16th March 2003, 06:18
Looks good :up:

but it will take some getting used to.

16th March 2003, 06:31
Mmm doesn't seem to be a way of logging out anymore or am I blind.

16th March 2003, 06:35
Cheers Sasq! I think alot of us realize the amount of time you put in on this and it's shaping up nicely.

16th March 2003, 06:35
Nope still at the bottom of the page...

16th March 2003, 06:43
Hmm is the forum background supposed to be white? :confused: ah i still had the old MURC pic in the cache.
on a second look: i like how the stuff is organized nowand the new features, but i totally can't get used to the new colors :ermm:

16th March 2003, 06:52
hmm... these forums are getting a bit more lively :) yay.

16th March 2003, 07:02
The forums used to have a color scheme that was almost like the new one in its beginning :D

16th March 2003, 07:40
Nice, although I was just getting used to those dec 22nd news ;)

Honestly, I like it. :) Now we just need regular updates :cool:

16th March 2003, 08:01
Looks quite good... Very patriotic :D (those who don't know what I mean, go find the Finnish flag).

I have noticed just a few minor details:

-When I came to the forums, I wasn't logged in... I decided to reply to this thread, it automagically asked me for a login, thanked me for logging in but then delivered me to the page http://forums.murc.ws/forums/newreply.php?action=newreply&threadid=40477& (the old MURC 404 not found)..?

-The "Miscellanious" section in News Categories should be "Miscellaneous", I suppose (very minor).

-The disclaimer at the bottom of the mainpage could maybe be cut down a little ;)

Edit: All in all, I think you guys have made an excellent job... I've seen a lot of forums get updated, and most transitions haven't been half as smooth as this one.

Thank you :)

16th March 2003, 08:06
currently haveing some cookie problems, have coffee in hand, see what i can do...

Anyone having cookie problems, please clear all of the cookies for murc from your cookie folder


16th March 2003, 08:12
Yea... cookies and coffees are the most essential nuterient combinations

16th March 2003, 08:14
Originally posted by Technoid
The forums used to have a color scheme that was almost like the new one in its beginning :D
It's somewhat funny because the colors started out as another shade of blue and slowly transitioned to what you see now (which is actually not far off in the color spectrum from some of the old colors).

The real fun part was looking at color schemes on a slightly dark CRT and a bright LCD. :eek:

16th March 2003, 08:23
Q: What does the "Show Leftcolumn" link at the top of the page do? Or is just for browser compatibility?

16th March 2003, 08:26
another things thats temporaraly west atm, it contains a cut down version of the side bars from the main page.

search etc


16th March 2003, 09:01
Ok, think the cookies are sorted. However again you may need to clear the murc cookies before it all works.

As for the leftcolumn, after turning it on, sometimes you need to go to the main news page first, then return to the fori.

I'm working on getting some more useful stuff into it soon.


16th March 2003, 09:30
Hmm.. I preferred the previous colors.. easier on the eye. But then I don't care for change of any kind. :D :p

16th March 2003, 09:36
Actually, I DO like the new link to IRC.. that was quite a bit of inspiration. Thanks for your awesome contribution, Dan!

edit: (hmm.. tells self to get off the surfboard!) :o

16th March 2003, 09:39

16th March 2003, 10:25
:p Long time no see. Just happened to stop by and saw the changes to the old familiar MURC.

I like them.

Good work.

16th March 2003, 13:11
Great Job Sasq,

So who are the writers?

16th March 2003, 15:16
Love the new look, great job Sasq!

16th March 2003, 16:08
Thanks guys, it was actually quite a re-write from the standard portal. (standard uses dedicated news forums, and we don't work like that, so.....)

Efty check out the who's who here (http://forums.murc.ws/showgroups.php?s=)


16th March 2003, 16:30
So who is able to post news?

Edit: Eheh I am blind. So why not make news posting a bit more liberal and moderate the submissions?

16th March 2003, 16:41
cool, good work :)

16th March 2003, 17:06
Efty, thats more or less whats happened, any thread, anywhere can become news. Just write it, pm one of us and if it fits, it shall be 'moderated' and promoted


16th March 2003, 19:21
High gets out his rake and gives Sasq another scratch behind the ears for his hard work.

16th March 2003, 20:55
After seeing the Dec 22nd thing so much, I thought I had stumbled onto a whole new site when this new thing appeared in my browser today. Good job. Even though Matrox is no longer my primary vidcard, I still like to hear Matrox news.

16th March 2003, 22:20
:D :D :D

16th March 2003, 23:22
Looks good to me... although I do miss having shortcut links to each forum on the main page. (My habit is: load MURC, load Alternative Lifestyles & Matrox Hardware in seperate tabs/windows, use original MURC window to check forums.matrox.com)

17th March 2003, 00:25
Looks great (IMO)!
Nice job :)


17th March 2003, 01:34
Great work!

I like the way the focus have been moved from a news site to a discussion site.

Once more, great work!


17th March 2003, 02:39
Nice work - well done and thanks.

I notice that the word "Matrox" now no longer appears anywhere other than in the domain - is this a deliberate rebranding towards MURC so that we welcome people who use other computer hardware beginning with an "M"? :D

(Thinking about it, MSI, Maxtor, Microsoft are probably pretty well represented by users here...)

17th March 2003, 03:59
We are moving toward just being "the MURC" and away from just being singlemindly Matrox related, although it will remain our primary focus while they are still in business.

17th March 2003, 04:14
Originally posted by Ant
We are moving toward just being "the MURC" and away from just being singlemindly Matrox related, although it will remain our primary focus while they are still in business.

Sign of the times. :( :( :(

17th March 2003, 04:39
Bad news for matrox, their users and their community are moving away from them... well, they deserved if you ask me.

17th March 2003, 04:55
A very cool layout. Good work, Sasq! I absolutely agree on making MURC a place of gathering for anyone who got into this stuff through Matrox products (or otherwise), but isn´t necessarily related to Matrox´s stuff anymore. You could already see this happening on the Desktop Video Forum for quite some time now...;)

17th March 2003, 05:05
small comment: what about the different site names ?
http://www.murc.ws offers all the possibilities; http://forums.murc.ws seems to prevent users from going to the main website...?


17th March 2003, 05:33
Have you registered the domain "stuffbeginningwithMUsersResourceCentre.com" yet? :)

17th March 2003, 06:44
@ Tempest - speeeeling problem fixed.

@GehRehmee - Check the front page now - better? :D


17th March 2003, 09:47
Originally posted by Ant
...while they are still in business.

Oops. Now that doesn't really sound good... :eek:

Liquid Snake
17th March 2003, 13:27
Wow! I don't check the forums for one day and this is what happens. :D Nice work guys. I kind of liked the old color scheme but this one reminds me of the older one we had in UBB :)

19th March 2003, 14:09
Yes it looks very nice to me!
Keep up the good work. :)

29th March 2003, 03:46
The only criticism/idea i have is that the latest topics section. It would be handy to have a small icon to show what forum the topic is taking place in, i.w MHW Matrox Hardware, GHW General HW, CB CRYSTAL BALL, bar of soap for soap box, VID Video. etc.

Not sure whether that is possible, otherwise i love it.

29th March 2003, 06:33
Working on it, thinking of dropping the date/time and putting in forum...

3rd April 2003, 12:27
"Well after much codeing, sweat, "

codeing should be spelled as coding

3rd April 2003, 13:55
Originally posted by asystejs
Well after much codeing, sweat, "

codeing should be spelled as coding
Interesting first post. After as much time as Sasq has put into getting everything to where it is (a good majority of which most of us will never see), I think he couldn't be bothered to check his spelling.

3rd April 2003, 14:22
The main page states ...

"If you notice any bugs or strange occurrences please let
" me know, and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

I am simply following the instructions

3rd April 2003, 18:25
Spelling fixed, and yes Jesterzwild is correct, the spelling was the last thing on my mind after the upgrade.


4th April 2003, 22:33
Originally posted by asystejs
The main page states ...

"If you notice any bugs or strange occurrences please let
" me know, and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

I am simply following the instructions Hmm, I didn't know spelling was a bug :p I know what an annoying bug is though...;)

And Sasq spleling something wrong? That certainly is not a strange occurrence :)

6th April 2003, 19:42
Nice work !!!