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13th March 2003, 15:39
Anybody here who reads SF?
What are your favorite authors?

Mine are Herbert, Simmons and Gibson :)


13th March 2003, 16:21
Douglas Adams :)

AC Clarke

Asimov I suppose

+ others...

13th March 2003, 17:09
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

13th March 2003, 21:41
Henlein, Adams, Gibson, Stephenson.

14th March 2003, 00:08
Greg Bear, Dan Simmons (Hyperion is sooooo good :)), Heinlein, Philip K Dick, Vonnegut

14th March 2003, 00:54

14th March 2003, 04:48
When I was younger I enjoyed Asimov. As I have aged, his work has... I'm not sure, it's just a bit too pat at this point. Maybe the whole "familiarity breeds contempt" thing.

Gibson is and always will be one of my favorite authors. I haven't picked up the latest book yet (the one about obscure web sites and the the girl who is tied into them in some bizarre way) but the others are well worn (and in some cases on my second or third copy).

Gibson coined my favorite word ever... "unf.uck". It's a verb. It's what you have to do after you f.uck something up. You have to unf.uck it. LOL.

Anyway, I am also a big fan of "hard" sci-fi. Lem, et al. I don't keep track of a lot of author's names, I've read so damn much.

Used to like Ellison, until I got old enough to realize what a pretentious ****ole he is. ;)

Sterling is good too. Also, a series well worth a read is the Circuit's Edge series by George Alec Effinger (When Gravity Fails, A Fire in the Sun, etc.) which is about cyber-wetware type stuff but it's set in the middle east so it has this european-ish main character coping with the Muslim world around him... and it's sci-fi! It's pretty cool stuff.

Clarke is a bit stuffy. I almost can't read it any more. LOL.

Adams is only marginally sci-fi. It's a staple of my library, but I'm not sure I'd file it under Sci-Fi at all. It really belongs under "interdimensional comedy".

- Gurm

14th March 2003, 05:03
Ok you gotta take a look at the Ender's game series by Orson Scott Card. Very good...it is six books (I think) and I've just finished Children of the Mind...go give it a look, or maybe a read :)


14th March 2003, 05:06
Hehe you could always try the Star Wars books for a light read... there are loads of them.

Who was the guy who wrote "Falkenberg's Legion"? That was pretty good.

Edit: Jerry Pournelle wrote it.

14th March 2003, 05:24
Gibson is great

Ian M Banks is excellent too.... 'Against a dark background' - the title tells you its dark!

Asimov was great - but I think its an early teen thing..... Same for Clarke... Same for 'doc' Smith

L Ron Hubbard is very entertaining - if you have your toungue in your cheek (he didnt!) - battlefield Earth was very funny


14th March 2003, 05:37
Hm, every writer has at least one good book. For instance Frederik Pohl's Gateway is a good example. I admit I haven't read much more Pohl but the few I have seem to indicate that the rest isn't any good.
Asimov I guess kept writing good books all the way even if they were teen or preteen style.
Ah, whatever - just a thought.

14th March 2003, 06:21
I've read all that Card has ever written. Including his non-SF stuff ("Enchantment" was GREAT, especially if you are into Russian culture and/or Jewish culture).

- Gurm

14th March 2003, 08:34
Larry Niven and H.G. Wells.


14th March 2003, 08:51
Hey, no Ray Bradbury? He's quite good..."it was a pleasure to BURN" :)

I also like John Brunner for his extremely vivid portrayals of world decadence...

14th March 2003, 09:16
My favorites are Terry Brooks......all of his Shannara series books are good (met him last year, so cool!)
and David Eddings....wrote the Belgariad and the Mallorean series, which are fabulous.
The Star Wars books are really good (my favorite is the Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton)
Just bought some Anne McCaffrey and Sara Douglas....will let ya know if they're any good.

14th March 2003, 09:28
I can't figure out why Dandelion Wine by Bradbury isn't considered one of the great works of American literature.


14th March 2003, 10:39
Lem (it's a shame I don't see his name in this thread too often...), Philip K Dick, Gibson and...arghhh, always forgotting his name...the one who wrote "Speaker of the deceased" (just translating the polish tittle, don't remember the english one...:( )...anyone here knows who it is?

edit: Sethos, thanks to you I remember this again! Wonder for how long...oh well, going to library soon maybe...

15th March 2003, 04:57
Orson Scott Card wrote "Speaker for the Dead".

It's part of the "Ender's Game" series, which we've already discussed.

Hey, I mentioned Lem. ;)

- Gurm

15th March 2003, 06:29
Exactly, only you Gurm...

15th March 2003, 06:35
I read GOLEM by Lem, nothing else yet though.

15th March 2003, 17:25

You should hunt up some more Lem, it's good stuff... although I tend to always feel cheated by bad translations (I can only imagine what people reading non-English versions of LOTR think!) into English. :)

- Gurm

15th March 2003, 23:22
yeah, about LOTR, we have here even two versions: with names, places etc. left intact and the other with polish ones (apart for other differences of course)

oh well, good I don't have this problems with Lem :D