View Full Version : Book recommendations please (PHP, MySQL, JS etc)

Fat Tone
11th March 2003, 00:53
Title says it all. We need to stock up with some good references on the above. Anyone have any favourites?



Edit: And does anyone have an opinion on www.sitepoint.com and the book 'Build your own database driven website using PHP & MySQL' by Kevin Yank? They push it very hard (as you would expect).

Edit: Adding IIS & Apache to the list.

11th March 2003, 02:15
Anything O'Reilly is generally pretty good.

And the "in a nutshell" series can be good introductions.


11th March 2003, 04:22
I'm kinda partial to the wrox books, but for PHP the best reference is the PHP manual, available as a Windows Help File from the PHP folks themselves. ;)

- Gurm

11th March 2003, 10:03
Assuming you use DMX for starting with PHP and MySQL this is not a bad book, although you do have to check the online Errata.


Only PHP and MySQL book I have ever read and I have nearly finished converting my site from HTML. (It used to be 4500 pages. lol)

11th March 2003, 13:58
I found the following book very useful although I have the first edition, but I guess the second should be even better :)


12th March 2003, 01:33
Sam`s Teach Yourself PHP in 24hrs (i know how 24hrs sounds, but paired with the PHP manual, you`d be on your way in no time flat)

Fat Tone
12th March 2003, 01:36
Thanks for all the suggestions :)

12th March 2003, 01:48
Also "Kane and Abel" by Jeffry Archer is quite good.

Or maybe not :D

Fat Tone
12th March 2003, 01:58
I guess I need to be wary of your recommendations then ... :D