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10th March 2003, 13:20
Ok this computer has been the real trial of my knowledge, first on an annoying point the IDE cables were hot glued to the board and drives :( very annoying. but now that I finally got the thing put together the OS (win 98) won't load! ahhh. finally I got it to load by under clocking the cup, something that I've never had to do ever before. So I finally got it to load. Now I've just loaded the graphics drivers for this nvidia TNT 2 32MB card and it won't boot up properly now. Annoying to say the least...suggestions welcome though I've a few thing I'm going to try first...I'll keep you updated as to a possible victory.


10th March 2003, 14:00
you using win98 SE? more info is welcome if you need help.

1 reset bios
2 set memory to least aggressive timings/speed
3 install win 98 SE
4 install drivers from CD
5 if all of the above doesnt work get a sledgehammer

10th March 2003, 14:22
If you are using 98 or 98SE go straight to step 5.

12th March 2003, 05:20
Well as an update: I finally got the OS (98SE) to install, and it is stable. Victory, O victory! (almost)

Now I've just downloaded the drivers for my Nvidia TNT 2 32MB modle 64 graphics card...same thing happened again...it doesn't WANT to boot (you can quasie force it to though, and once you do it tends to freeze pretty quickly). The board is still underclocked a bit, and so hence the AGP slot is running a bit slower than normal as well, could this be causing problems? I wouldn't initialy think so, but maybe...I have that one issue to resolve and then things will be good. back to the virtual battle fields...


13th March 2003, 05:10
At long last I do finally have victory!! Originally I did have to underclock the system to get 98SE to load. Then I figured that I'd just leave it like that, however upon loading the graphics drivers the system suddenly wouldn't boot, or wouldn't be stable. so last night I finally went ahead and reset the clock to a higher (still under clocked slightly) clock and the AGP and all accoutraments are working poperly!


13th March 2003, 06:27
Seems like a hell of a lotta work just to get that machine running.

After all your effort I hope that mankind is assisted in someway by your 98 SE rig.