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10th March 2003, 10:00
Location: The Iraq/Kuwait Border.

British paratroopers of 16th Air Assault Brigade were testing their mortars and artillery on a routine exercise, when to their utter amazement a small group of Iraqi soldiers appeared from nowhere and tried to surrender.

The Paras were forced to tell the hapless Iraqis, "You can't surrender yet, you have to wait for the war to start!"

Dejected and disappointed the Iraqis had to walk back to their own lines.



10th March 2003, 10:02

And yet people think this might be a protracted war.

- Gurm

10th March 2003, 10:13
Nice to know things haven't changed much in regards to the "fighting spirit" of Iraq soldiers. At least on the front lines.

I am wondering about the 2 steel rings deal in Baghdad. I suppose it is the best method since the "regular" army knows the Republican Guard is right behind them. Do you think the Republican Guard has orders to shoot the "regular" army if they see them surrender?

Wouldn't that be a twisted method of motivation?

10th March 2003, 10:29
It's a classic tactic to shoot your own soldiers if they surrender, I wouldn't put it past Saddam to order it.


10th March 2003, 12:01
The Russians did it, and it made them hold Stalingrad at the time against the Germans. I think both the rebels/nationalists and the republicans did it in the Spanish civil war. If I'm not mistaken, this tactic proved to be quite succesful in the sense that you obstruce (???) your enemy's approach the most with "limited" expenditure, provided you can keep ammo being supplied.
I'm not sure about "classic"in the sense of "used in most wars" or by most armies. I'm afraid it is a tactic the Iraqis will use as well. It's what ppl with no regard for life do.

10th March 2003, 12:02
This isn't getting to much geopoli, is it?

10th March 2003, 15:39
hum... you think if sdam where to have a heart atack this evening that the war would be averted :D

10th March 2003, 16:13
Just so you know, the Sunday Mirror is hardly the pinnacle of accurate/objective reporting...

10th March 2003, 16:34
Yeah, possibly 'National Enquirer' sponsored by 'Hooters' :)

10th March 2003, 21:16
I just figured out what Saddam is going to do. He managed to put a nuke together from old Russian stockpiles and he has it hidden in Baghdad. Once the Americans and Brits surround the city and the seige begins, he will set it off, figuring everyone will blame those evil Americans for nuking an Arab capital, then the rest of the Arab world will just lose it and start doing that trilling sound and go after us like mad..

Meanwhile, Saddam has hidden out in an undisclosed location...

10th March 2003, 23:04

11th March 2003, 04:26
"That trilling sound..."

Damn man you watch too many movies.

- Gurm

11th March 2003, 04:48
Originally posted by KvHagedorn
Arab world will just lose it and start doing that trilling sound and go after us like mad..

Aren't they doing that anyway??? Some of them.

11th March 2003, 09:32

- Gurm