View Full Version : Bell/Agusta Aerospace Co. announces BA 609 Tilt-Rotor Aircraft

7th March 2003, 19:29
Info here (http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters20030307_706.html).

It looks like a civy version of the V-22 Osprey. Sexy stuff.

7th March 2003, 20:30
I bet it even crashes better than the Osprey.

7th March 2003, 20:40

7th March 2003, 21:41
Originally posted by Jammrock
I bet it even crashes better than the Osprey.

One problem for all vertical-lift aircraft, including tilt-rotors occurs during a rapid descent at low air-speed when the rotors can lose lift, causing the aircraft to crash or flip over. This dangerous flight condition is known as vortex ring state, or VRS.

One of the crashes that occurred with the Osprey -- built by Boeing and Textron -- was likely due to VRS. Aviation safety experts have said VRS will not be a major concern for civilian tilt-rotors because they will not be used like the Osprey in dropping troops into war zones.

8th March 2003, 06:23
Still don't mean it won't happen.

Dr Mordrid
8th March 2003, 07:23
Biggest problem with the Osprey has been hydraulic line failure....which is why it was once again put into limbo this week when it was discovered that there was a bad batch of titanium hydraulic lines installed.

Dr. Mordrid