View Full Version : What ever happened to?

7th March 2003, 00:57
Another missing member Maggi ???

7th March 2003, 01:16
Yes.. Maggi's one of the saner and more adult folks here. We could sure use more of his input.

7th March 2003, 02:36
He was in #murc a few days ago.

7th March 2003, 04:46
me is still here ... :)

the reasons for my recent absense (sp?) are (in no particular order)

- had a 1 week vacation in late December :)
- had a 4 weeks vacation in January :D
- was and still am burried in work
- had to move my home office to a room where I have no phone line and hence no i-net from home anymore
- had a really bad flu, striking me down for a week
- had a car accident without any injuries, but the car was pretty much trashed and it took the insurance two weeks to decide whether the pay the repair or not :rolleyes:
- made a major screw up with the donation thingy, ie. I completely forgot to sent the money to Ant until three weeks ago :o (more on that topic, once after Ant answers any of my mails)

For all the above reasons, I only rarely stroll through the forums and hardly find any time to participate actively, but this particular thread made me feel cozy and warm inside so that I just had to answer instantly.

Thanx a lot for taking care, dudes !

See you later every now and then, but sadly enough I won't be present as much as I used and liked to be.

7th March 2003, 09:41
ahh, I feel warm and fuzzy too(maybe it just the curry)
good to see some old timers coming out of lurkage, we certainly need em :D

7th March 2003, 10:09
Yeah, there seems to be less and less old timers anymore. :(

7th March 2003, 10:16
But soon my boy you'll be one of the old timers and we will mark your passing too :)

7th March 2003, 13:13
Originally posted by Ant
But soon my boy you'll be one of the old timers and we will mark your passing too :)

No chance. Also what happened to Flangor??? He came back under another guise and then disappeared again.